7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lyndsey Fifield‏ @lyndseyfifield

    • “…two criminals who just kicked in a door who find themselves staring straight down the barrel of one have little choice but to turn tail and run if they don’t want to die.”

      And THAT is precisely why they must be banned; in the hands of a defender they’re a threat to criminals.

      How is the Romish fascist left ever going to re-make Mankind if the Deplorables are able to defend themselves?

  1. Every time a pro-gunner tries to explain that there’s no operational difference between an AR-10 and his grandpa’s Browning autoloader .30-06, some anti-gunner rubs his hands together and cackles, “Don’t worry, we’ll collect them next….”

    • There are two audiences: the politicians in the room, who don’t give a damn about her, and the people in the real world who may be watching and might be persuadable.

  2. You can speak truth to power all day long. The politicals will sit, smugly ignoring you and wait for their turn to talk. It’s their job to ban guns, and all you’re doing is wasting their time.

    The fact that guns are so good for defense is all the more reason to ban them.

    Certainly, the truth MUST be spoken! but it’ll never convince a dedicate Marxist criminal conspirator with a title and a government paycheck. What it may do is let them know that we know that they’re completely out of line. It’s a way of saying, “We warned you and we warned you, and we tried our best, but you still didn’t listen.” It’s a way of making it perfectly clear, to all concerned, that in the end they will have deserved what’s in store for them.

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