6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Michael Bloomberg

  1. It’s fascinating that a guy who has worked so hard to suppress every other civil liberty would now come out in favor of part of the 1st Amendment.

    • This is the only one he thinks he needs. The others are not so necessary as this one due to his wealth and influence. This is the Amendment he needs to further his black goals.

      And I’m sure my Leftist brothers and their wild-eyed Maoist wives have not read this essay and continue the behavior condemned by Blumberg, undiminished and unwavering,

      Could this have been written to distance himself from the masked Antifa Blackshirts so he might be better positioned for reelection?

  2. Pretty sure it is about the only thing I agree with Bloomberg about. Israel. A lot of the campus rage is directed that way. No one should extrapolate this to a general discovery of the Bill of Rights by the 2A and 4A hater. If there was a way, he would probably violate the 3A.

  3. I highly doubt Bloomberg himself actually said this. He’s a committed commie and the ONLY free speech the commies support is what THEY are uttering.

  4. It wasn’t the right wing of the US body politic that decided every single aspect of life had to be viewed through prism of Marxist ideology, and denounced violently if not found to pure enough for progressivism.

    Hey, Bloomie, you’re the guy telling me for the past decade or more to give up my best means of self defense, a firearm, when people who support you want me dead, just for being a heterosexual, Christian, white male. How about you go to hell?

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