Quote of the day—William L. Gensert

Eventually, the president will overreach, signing an order for gun confiscation, euphemistically called, “mandatory buybacks.”  Antifa and their ilk will flood the streets in support of seizing these “weapons of war.”  Media will declare, “It’s the will of the people.”

And for the right, that will be the last straw (plastic or paper).

The left doesn’t understand that every gun owner is a single-issue-voter; millions will refuse to give up their guns.  And, many gun owners in this country will not go “meekly into the night,” there will be “rage” against what they will see as a usurpation of their constitutional rights. 

William L. Gensert
September 13, 2019
No Matter Who Wins in 2020, There Will Be Blood
[Via Matthew Bracken @Matt_Bracken.

He describes plausible scenarios. Prepare accordingly.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—William L. Gensert

  1. Do I think Antifa would mind being used as brown shirts?
    No I don’t.
    I also believe Antifa does not know what happened to the SA after they were no longer needed.

  2. We’ve been on this track for some time. Others are recognizing it as well.

    “America … has an intractable moral conflict problem.” via a tweet from Damon Linker.

    The operative word is ‘intractable’.

    The 2020 election is not the only possible trigger. Another event could be the Republican convention in Charlotte NC next summer.

    The path we’re on seems destined to end in blood. We can’t know when or how but we can prepare.

  3. There are times when I wish I had a progressive press instead of a turret press.

    Need more ammo.

  4. We let the enemy filter into this country and set up shop over two hundred years ago, and did nothing to stop them. Now we’re just beginning to see why that might have been a mistake.

    Regardless; it’s a done deal.

  5. The problem is that people refuse to recognize that the US is no longer a country but a geographic space with two mutually hostile forces. Looked at it as a single entity, it probably will end in civil war, millions of deaths, massive destruction of wealth and the end of the republic no matter who wins. But if reality would be faced, we could get on with the national divorce.

    • The problem is that one side (the Left) is not rational, and is not capable of rational thought on the subject, since their ideology is essentially a religion, and religions are based on a belief system. Facts are not necessary to underpin a belief system, as is clearly evident when you look at the Democrats and their associated groups. There is no common ground, ie: principals, to base a conversation on.

      You want to know why the Democrats/Leftists have such an affinity for Islamics? Both groups have the same lack of principals to guide them in life. One difference is that Islam has it codified in their Quran, although I suppose Alinsky’s Rules might be considered the equivalent. Both use the same underhanded techniques to deal with the rest of the world. They are untrustworthy from the getgo, and can never be trusted to keep their word about anything for any length of time. Lying is second nature to them. It’s built in.

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