Beto and his friends

Via Comfortably Smug @ComfortablySmug we have evidence that Beto has philosophical friends in political history:


It probably would make it a little too busy, but one or more from Vladimir Lenin could demonstrate Beto’s kinship with him as well:

An oppressed class which did not aspire to possess arms and learn how to handle them deserve only to be treated as slaves.


One man with a gun can control 100 without one. … Make mass searches and hold executions for found arms.


Soviet organisation has made possible the creation of armed forces of workers and peasants which are much more closely connected with the working and exploited people than before. If this had not been done it would have been impossible to achieve one of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism—the arming of the workers and the disarming of the bourgeoisie.


7 thoughts on “Beto and his friends

  1. We need to thank Beto for telling us that the Democrats are gun grabbers. We already knew that, but now it is clear to everyone.

  2. Also this one:
    “A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.” — attributed to Lenin

    Worth remembering whenever “universal background check” is mentioned, because that is why they are pushing for it.

  3. I saw that BETO quote this morning, and I was all tuned up to write a scathing response.

    Fortunately, I checked my GUNBLOGGERS list of members first, and noticed that you had addressed the idiocy quite handily. Thanks, you saved me the trouble of trying to sound lucid at 4am. My only cogent thought was to reference the Battle of Wounded Knee …

    … which demonstrated the inadvisability of a more-or-less unorganized standing force opposing a better-armed, mobile unit of soldiers.organized under a unified command.

    This is the typical result when a unified force is determined to not only stop, but to conquer, a group of dissidents.

    It now appears that patriotic, law-abiding American citizens are the “dissidents”, and the opposition is … oh dear, I hate to suggest that Democrats are comparable to a trained military unit!

    It may be that our only chance of survival as Americans is that we have only Democrats in opposition

  4. It’s really very interesting to see how when the Reds finally drop the pretenses and get down to what they want to do, they are shocked and taken aback by the responses indicating that such an attempt will be resisted, potentially with deadly force and that the leadership of such Will be considered to be seditious criminals acting in a manner contrary to the Constitution.

    Beto is a fool. Grasping at an issue that he believes will reignite (or ignite) his Presidential campaign. Little does he realize that he may well be setting the table for the destruction of what he knows as the United States and the destruction of the power structure he wants to become part of.

  5. If the Democrats keep this up, pretty soon they won’t have anyone left to vote for them.

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