I wish it were true

Via Chris Rawls:


The answer to the question depends on who you are asking if it has sunk in with.

For decades it has been obvious to gun owners who follow the gun control debate “these people” are evil. They lie, they defy clear constitutional intent, they imply they want to reduce crime but it’s abundantly clear that is not the real reason, they insist on banning “assault weapons” even they are only very rarely used in crime, and tell us there is no slippery slope but always come back for more after every victory they achieve.

I think the hard cord Democrats know who they really are. They are for the power. For people to mock and disrespect them creates an incredible urge to destroy even children associated with restricting their access to power. These people have to “know” what they are that they would murder children on their path to power. But it is a small price to pay because those who would restrict their access are not really human. They are deplorables.

The question is, “Does the set of people who are mostly apolitical know who these people really are?” I wish it were true. But I’m not yet convinced they are.


4 thoughts on “I wish it were true

  1. I think that the deplorables intuitively understand. After all, they are the ones that still have connections through local churches and still begin the family meals with grace. They are just not playing much of a role on the national stage. They are the ones that Regan called the silent majority.

    They view the far left with revulsion. Just listen to the people at Trump’s rallies.

    • Your absolutely right. and the commies understand it as well. that’s why they hate us so much. we just refuse to be manipulated.
      “History is wrote by determined minorities”, think it was Mao that said it. not sure. It seems to be the principle they operate under. Hypocrisy and facts be damned!

  2. No. I don’t think people generally ever understand or comprehend the depths of the depravity which seeks to annihilate us. If they did, we wouldn’t be repeating this sad mistake over and over again, never learning, throughout all of history.

    A few individuals may sometimes get it, but they are few in number, and only long after it’s too late, and their warnings thus irrelevant, are they ever heard.

    It’s like have entered into a bad relationship. Along the way you’re making excuses, allowances, and hoping for the best. Once it gets to some horrible state, however, THEN you can look back and see all the warning signs which told you every step of the way that you were heading for certain and irrevocable disaster.

  3. If we ever want them up on charges we have to, in the words of the Lord High Executioner in the “Mikado”, “have a little list so there’ll be no body missed.”

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