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As the Pink Pistols motto says, “Armed gays don’t get bashed.” And whilst LGBT people are still victims of violence at a much higher rate than the general public, the community as a whole and notable members of it are beginning to fight back.

From training in self defense and carrying concealed to supporting LGBT-friendly gun stores and shooting ranges, there is a rise in gun-carrying LGBT people who are learning to protect themselves and those they love.

Alex of Ammo.com
Self Defense for LGBT: Self-Protection and Concealed Carry (CCW) for the LGBT Community
[It’s a good post. There was a lot of detailed history of LGBT rights, some of which I didn’t know about. And I thought I was pretty up to speed on that sort of thing. And the self-defense advice was good too, regardless of your sexual orientation.

A lesbian couple I know has been talking about going to the range with me to get some training. I keep saying that they just need to pick a day and time. I suspect it will happen before the summer is over. I wish there were more LGBT people getting on the pro self-defense side of the political aisle. Being a perpetual victim is not healthy for them or society.—Joe]


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  1. Victimhood is a very powerful political tool for many groups.
    For their cause it is much better for them to be beaten, bloodied and killed on the National stage than to put a bullet into the head of an oppressor.

    Killing an oppressor will make the local paper and that’s about all.

  2. I wonder to what extent the “let’s stay a victim” attitude is held by self-proclaimed “leaders” rather than by the community. There’s an equivalent situation in the black community, where evil parasites like Al Sharpton work hard to keep the people he claims to speak for in victim status, the better to rake in large sums of money for his personal enrichment.

    • It’s the “Rabbit Strategy.” Rabbits want to be surrounded by the slow, the weak, and the stupid: it makes outrunning them from the fox easier. In political terms, the weak need a defender, so they’ll vote for someone who says they’ll do that. OTOH, the strong just wan the pols to get out of the way, which (no surprise) the pols don’t want to do.

  3. “Being a perpetual victim is not healthy for them or society.”

    No it isn’t. No addiction is healthy for the person or for society. And of course, from the point of view of the enemy; the more self-identified victims, the better to tear apart society.

    Of course the enemy wants us all unarmed for obvious reasons, not the least of which is that the armed person becomes less fearful with time. The less fearful are less controllable.

    And it isn’t just the gun which must be taken out of society for the sake of “unity” (universal authoritarianism, or global fascism) because those people who want guns are as much a problem as anything. A person must first decide that self protection is a legitimate concept, and in order to do that you must embrace the concept of personal responsibility and see yourself as capable of it. These things are heresies to the corrupt Powers that would rule the world.

    Remember the policeman who went ape-shit on the poor guy during a routine traffic stop in Canton, Ohio years ago, when he found out the driver was legally and responsibly carrying a pistol? That cop was ready to murder the guy on the spot. THAT is how the corrupt powers in the world view any people who think for themselves, recognize truth, and take on their own responsibilities in their own way using their own skills and resources. The only way to be loved by the authoritarian alliance then is to be dumb, weak, pissed off or afraid, or to have something they want (and be watching your back once they no longer need you).

    The mindset of confidence and faith is a deadly poison to the authoritarians, to the fascists, to the rulers of darkness, because it leaves practically no room for them in the world.. It directly erodes their legitimacy because confident people begin to see them for what they are.

    Without the victimhood mindset, most of the authoritarians, who now enjoy title, status and wealth, would have to resort to more petty crimes for their sustenance, for they’d never stoop so low as to serve others in free and fair trade ON AN EVEN KEEL WITH US DEPLORABLES for a living.

    In that sense you’ll never stop being a victim, per se, for we are all the victims of evil, one way or the other. Rather, in taking on your own responsibilities, relying on the strengths and resources God gives you along the way, you’ll stop feeling and acting like a victim, and you’ll be more calm about things, and more confident.

  4. This willingness to exercise rights beyond those involved in the group identity of LGBT is an indication that this group has won its efforts to gain public acceptance. When, for example, the Black Panthers tried armed self defense, their group’s identity was so deeply rejected by the society of that time that onerous gun control legislation was passed, affecting everyone. Congrats, LGBT folk, and may your desire to carry never be a need to carry!

  5. I’m a bit surprised at that article; no mention of Erin Palette and Operation Blazing Sword?

    (Yes, I know OBS merged with the Pink Pistols. Still.)

  6. One of my favorite sales, when I was working at the gun counter, was to a woman and her wife. They were looking for an option that the second woman would be more comfortable with, not being familiar with handguns. My customer decided on the Ruger PC9, because it took the same mags as the Glock she already had. She was born in Cuba, and was in her late 50s/early 60s, if I recall. Cool, calm, competent- and she knew exactly what happens to people that cede their wellbeing to the State.

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