Meet Washington state legislators

Via email from Boomershooter, and Venezuela refugee, Luis:

I’ll have as speakers Senator Phil Fortunato, representatives Matt Shea and representative Robert Sutherland.

They are strong legislators that have stand and defend the 2nd Amendment.

They will be speaking in my district about what happen in Olympia in the last legislative session.


I sometimes see Fortunato at pistol matches at Renton Fish & Game. I like to hang out near him and hear stories about legislative stupidity. It confirms my belief that government power should be limited as much as is practical.

Luis spoke for a few minutes this year at Boomershoot. He is very concerned about the path Washington State is going down. It reminds him of what happened in Venezuela and he is working hard to prevent that from happening here.


One thought on “Meet Washington state legislators

  1. I tell this story a lot.

    Years ago, Luis was on my team on work, and we both worked the proverbial coal mine of highly technical IT support.

    One day, he comes to my cube (a short walk) and asks me, “What movies should I watch to understand more about Americans?”

    I think about that for a moment, and I say, “Blazing Saddles.”

    And now he’s a naturalized citizen, mills his own AR-15 lowers, has testified in front of the Washington legislature against gun control, they know his name in the bars of Orofino, and the King County GOP really wants him as a candidate.

    I’m so proud.

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