Quote of the day—A Vermont Resister‏ @SonnyVermont

No point in wasting your time on this bonehead with shit for brains. He just likes to go out and kill things. You know, so he can feel like a real man.

A Vermont Resister‏ @SonnyVermont
Tweeted on April 29, 2019
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

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    • Some of the healthiest, longest lived people on the planet are mostly vegan, so let’s not get too excited about other people’s diets (unless we want to learn from them). In fact the three most long-lived groups (with quality of life well into old age) in the world are the Okinawans, Sardinians and Seventh Day Adventists. Of the three groups, only the SDAs are spread out over the entire planet (leaving location and genetics out of the variables), and they’re mainly, but not entirely, vegan, and a few are raw vegan only. But don’t take my word for it; look it up.

      Anyway, if one eats flesh at all, it is hypocritical to leave the killing of the animals to other people you never see, while criticizing hunters (Ted Nugent has mentioned this a lot). I eat less and less meat, and have cut out practically all dairy, but I still hunt, and my freezer has quite a bit of venison in it. I haven’t bought meat in approximately a year.

      Enjoy your animal protein and animal fat, but along with them comes most cardio-pulmonary disease, osteoporosis, elevated risk of several cancers, type II diabetes, and many of the auto-immune diseases. The countries with most of those problems are the high animal protein consumers, and especially the very high dairy consumers in Europe and Scandinavia.

      Pride in diet is altogether silly, and it is that pride which, if anything, should be admonished. I’ve participated in it before, but no more. You eat what you think is best and others should do the same. Just try to get better educated about it, hopefully without too much influence from the beef, pork and dairy industries, etc.

      In addition to pride or ego in diet is the problem of eating for recreation, rather than for nutrition. Our culture strenuously promotes both problems (which are, let’s face it, pathologies) and the cost, even the death toll, is high.

      None of this has anything to do with guns. If and when I quit hunting altogether (and if you eat meat I highly recommend hunting, for several good reasons), I’ll still have guns. Most of my guns are of modern design anyway, whereas my hunting rifle and pistol are both muzzleloaders.

      Only an angry, proud hypocrite eats any animal flesh whatsoever and then criticizes hunters. Well, unless maybe he eats only road kill or other carrion, like a vulture.

      In fact the hunter eats only the best meat. It’s all free range, has never been kept in a cage or a feedlot, and hasn’t been pumped up with antibiotics, hormones, or been fed on animal products.

    • Also, I eat soy now practically every day. It’s excellent food, and comes in many forms. Too many people have mistaken that word, “estrogenic” for “estrogen”. They’re different sets of compounds, and their effects in the body are totally different.

      My sister, less than two years younger, is a “health nut” and avoids all seeds, nuts and grains, and eats a lot of meat and dairy, and refined sugar, and vegetables of course, and drinks a lot of coffee. She has all kinds of health problems, including insomnia and related cognitive issues, and I don’t, yet she blames my better health on a “strong constitution” though we are full siblings.

      So there’s a lot of misinformation floating around, and it’s complicated by “food pride”. Together it means that we have more diet related health problems in the West than much of rural Africa (barring starvation as a “food related health problem”), where the mean income is something like a dollar a day.

      • Apart from the point that if you eat any meat you have no grounds to criticize the hunter, the same goes for anyone who uses any animal product. A vegan who has any leather in his clothes closets is in the same boat as the carnivore.
        Some people actually are consistent about this; Tesla is unusual among makers of expensive cars because it offers a “no leather seats” option precisely for this reason.

      • Not so fast. The medical community finds that your stance on plant and environmental sourced estrogenic compounds is incorrect. It turns up in quite a lot of things we consume, and the body does react to it. Soy seems to be a leader in quantity available.
        This was about the first site that goggle turned up:

  1. It certainly removes all doubt about their “educational inbreeding”. somehow thinking the same infantile argument is going to change anything.
    and showing how empty their cause really is.

  2. I thought a word is missing at the end of her dialog balloon.
    “So that explains the Assault weapons Ban.”
    This is Wednesday. Every Wednesday there is a program on cable that features women competitive shooters. We know what the gun banners are compensating for. What exactly are the women shooters compensating for?

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