Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

This situation was made even more outrageous considering what has happened to Ms. Doe while living at her home. We’ve explained how she was beaten and raped in January 2017, and her children stopped the attack only by threatening to use a gun. On two other occasions, Ms. Doe had to call police due to shootings in nearby residences. When the housing authority threatened to terminate her lease due to the gun in her residence, they insisted that the building is safe, so she doesn’t need a gun.

This kind of gun prohibition extremism has no place on American soil. It’s just one more example of how the Second Amendment Foundation is winning firearms freedom, one lawsuit at a time.

Alan Gottlieb
April 11, 2019
[See also the court order which includes this bit of pleasure:

Defendants will pay Plaintiffs the sum of $7,500.00 as attorneys’ fees.

This sort of thing would be less likely to happen again if, instead of the government (taxpayers) paying the legal fees, the people responsible were prosecuted and sent to prison.—Joe


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Gottlieb

  1. Biggest surprise is that this is from Illinois. Would be very nice to see a lot more of these.

  2. “This kind of gun prohibition extremism has no place on American soil.”

    Taken literally, this suggests that “moderate gun prohibition” might be acceptable, or that some other kind of gun prohibition extremism would be acceptable. Just not this particular kind or to this particular degree. E.g. “I don’t like your kind of extreme rape” could be the words of a fellow, extreme rapist.

    • True, but my definition of acceptable “moderate gun prohibition” would be artillery with shells delivering tactical nukes.

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