Quote of the day—Tom Knighton

I think they don’t want these regulations properly enforced because if they were, they fear they’d have less justification to demand new gun laws.

Which is what their entire existence is about these days anyway.

Tom Knighton
March 7, 2019
Did USA Today Admit Gun Control Laws Not Enforced?
[I agree but there is more to it. True criminals are their allies. They don’t want their allies to be put in prison.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Tom Knighton

  1. So the concept is “Justification by Degradation”.

    We want (or allow) government to “solve” our “problems”. The more serious our problems, the more we want, or are willing to accept, government power, reach and authority. It gets all of its authority by way of our problems, whether said problems be real or imagined. The more horrible, the more absolutely dire the problem, the greater it’s authority and power.

    The only growth opportunity for government is for us to have more and greater problems.

    The worst possible scenario for anyone in government then would be a lack of serious problems. Having to say, “We understand that there are no serious problems but we need more funding, latitude and power!!” just isn’t something they ever want to face. With trillions and trillions of dollars, entire, worldwide institutions and millions of government jobs at stake, and a power such as the world has never seen before, surely they’d do anything whatsoever under the sun to avoid that scenario.

    Maybe then it’s better defined as “Justification by Tribulation” or “Justification by Demolition” or “Justification by Mass Destruction”.

    Therefore the biggest threat isn’t the Russians, or the Chinese or the North Korean nukes or Islam’s “Civilization Jihad”. From the mindset of government, biggest threat is the honest, the lawful, productive, intelligent, confident and aware citizen. Too many of those and the whole house of cards is blown away. The biggest “clear and present danger” to the world powers is the prospect of being understood.

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