Quote of the day—Wykeina Davis

I believe that there should be security cameras and full body scanners everywhere in public places to prevent mass shootings. The Second Amendment is not beneficial to anyone, it remains a threat to others due to people taking it into consideration of their rights to commit crimes.

Wykeina Davis
May 2018
Say Yes To Gun Control
[It’s not just guns they want removed from society. It’s the elimination of individual rights.—Joe]


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  1. Oy. So much wrong on so many levels, and in such a small collection of words, too. Her parents must be so proud.

  2. All this strength, resiliency, and independence is so frightening. The warm embrace of Big Brother will protect us.

  3. Is Wykeina a troll or an idiot? It literally ends with this sentence:

    “Gun control should not be allowed due to firearms, crime reduction and self defense, and accidental shootings.”

    • It’s filled with incoherent crap. I pulled the most understandable paragraph for the QOTD.

      A alternative explanation is intoxication.

      • My hypothesis, based on the available evidence, is that it was written by a “minority” student, perhaps middle school, attending a “minority” majority public school in an “economically-deprived” area, as a class assignment. We have a rash of these class assignments in our local paper, and they read approximately the same style, but without the misspellings, probably because the students here have computers with spell checking programs (or the teacher edits them). What’s really sad is that it’s possible that shortly this person will be eligible to vote, thus explaining the idiocy of the voting public here, who no doubt would have written similar letters/petitions had they been so assigned during their public education years. SMH.

        • I disagree. I don’t believe your evidence is strong enough to support your conclusion.

          • Based on the Twitter account under that name, it supports my hypothesis, except for the age part. Sure there could be hundreds or thousands of people named “Wykeina Davis”. What’s really sad is that apparently not only is she a high school graduate, but she may be now enrolled at Cal State Dominguez Hills. Maybe she was drunk or otherwise cognitively impaired when she wrote that petition at least 8 months ago.

            I’d bet that person with that name on Twitter is her, but I have no proof… and can’t ask her because I don’t do Twitter or Instagram.

        • See https://twitter.com/_kikoo16.

          Perhaps this is not the same person but the only match for the name.

          In her own words:

          Need a down nigga that will keep his word & wont fold

          I’m bad to the bone

          Happy Nasty 19th Birthday to my sexy ass bitch Isabear 👯💖I’m so happy I got a down ass sexy bitch on my side

          • Chet’s evidence is compelling. But I don’t understand the relevance. The OPs status as white or minority doesn’t change the fact that she is a dangerous idiot. Why throw a racial red herring into this?

          • Next thing you know Drew will be suggesting that all remaining honors be rescinded from James Watson… oh, wait…

          • Yeah, I WISH I had a solution for stupid… but that ain’t gonna happen.

  4. So let me get this straight. You want to remove several of my enumerated civil rights, to which action I’m supposed to either roll over and play dead, die, or embrace the notion cheerfully. In return, if ANYTHING is asked of you – the tiniest bit of responsibility or adult thinking – you get to call a trigger alert and hide in your safe space. Correct?

  5. The first sentence assumes that a camera or a body scanner can somehow stop someone in the act of mass killing, or by their mere presence these detection measures can prevent the killing entirely.

    Cameras are for knowing better what happened, after the fact. In the best case scenario, the camera has someone monitoring it remotely, 24/7, who could spot the shooting once several people have been killed already, could then call in someone with a gun, who would then take however much time is required to get to the scene, while still more people are being killed, and eventually, if he’s willing to risk his life to save strangers, might be able to stop the shooting before the shooter runs out of ammo or gets bored and stops on his own.

    But having random people on the scene (carrying guns concealed by their own choice and at no expense to the taxpayer) who might be able to stop the crime at the outset, and have a record of doing so; THAT is totally unacceptable.

    A body scanner is for detecting the presence of a weapon prior to the weapon being used. Clearly though, a mass killer plans on making it abundantly clear that he is armed. He wishes to prove to everyone present that he is armed by killing people, so obviously he isn’t deterred by the thought of his weapons being detected. He’s encouraged by it. The idea that a scanner could ever prevent a mass shooting assumes that the killer would not simply begin his shooting spree at the scanning station, by killing the scanner operators.

    The second sentence assumes that a “right” includes a “right to commit crimes”.

    Those two insane premises (1; detection can prevent a mass murder, and 2; the word “right” means “right to commit crime”) have a common theme and purpose behind them, which is to implant into us the notion of preventing crime via an authoritarian state powerful enough and with enough reach to make it physically impossible to commit crime. It’s that “Department of Pre-Crime” concept that’s being fed to us with increasing frequency and intensity.. It’s almost like a “Stupid Ray” that’s being beamed into our brains.

    Logically, the only way to make it physically impossible to commit crime is to kill people before they grow up and have any chance to commit a crime. That, or state-run, total mind and body control. It’s that old god-king, or “Holy Roman Emperor” concept again.

    Either way, we are talking absolute, batshit crazy totalitarianism.

    Ultimately then, the goal and purpose behind this sort of language from the left, which on the surface is slobbering gibberish, is to pave the way to state sponsored mass killing. Historically, it must be noted, state sponsored mass killing has been very popular, so this is nothing at all out of the ordinary among human events.

    They’ve told us repeatedly and insistently, for decades now, that there are too many people on the planet, that our mere act of breathing is destroying the planet (the EPA declared the CO2 in our breath to be a “pollutant”), and that their goal is global de-population.

    Hmm, so can we therefore declare any leftist, papist, or authoritarian language to be both hate speech and incitement to violence? Technically, yes. Absolutely. It is all in favor of wholesale, state sponsored coercion, even unto murder, and pretty much nothing else. Republicans and even most self described “Christians” practice it too, so there’s no real idealogical conflict here between Parties.

    The actual antidote to it though, isn’t violence-in-kind. It’s the Ten Commandments.

  6. Lyle beat me to it.

    She has a flawed understanding of rights in general, and the 2nd Amendment in particular, if she thinks they include the “right to commit crimes”.

    A crime is a person violating someone else’s rights. For example, theft is a violation of your right to own your personal property. Trespassing is a violation of your right to decide who enters your land/home/business. Assault is a violation of your right to be peaceably left to your own matters.

    As the saying goes, “Your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.”

    If there exists a “right to commit crimes”, that boils down to a right to violate others’ rights, which entirely negates the very concept. The whole point of it BEING labelled a crime is that someone DOESN’T have the right to engage in that behavior.

    And if someone is engaging in criminal behavior that threatens the rights or safety of others, those others have the right to protect themselves, by force if necessary. And that’s one of the core purposes of the 2nd Amendment (the other, larger purpose being if a government is engaging in criminal behavior that threatens the rights or safety of its citizenry).

    But then, logic and consistency have never been the Left’s strong suits.

  7. “their rights to commit crimes. ”
    This statement is industrial grade stupid and the microcephalic monster that
    uttered it needs to be slapped and sterilized to improve the gene pool.

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