This will generate some interesting data

Brazil’s ‘Tropical Trump’ president elect says he will allow all Brazilians without criminal records to own guns as part of his pledge to relax firearms legislation:

Brazil’s far-right President-elect says that on taking office he will allow citizens without a criminal record to own guns.

Jair Bolsonaro, who takes office in January, made the statement on Twitter as part of his election campaign to loosen gun laws.

The ex-army captain’s message appealed to many Brazilians who want to use guns for self-defense amid sky-high levels of violent crime.

Currently possession of firearms is tightly restricted in Brazil. Civilians must pass through a long process, and the sale of weapons is limited to small calibers.

However gun violence is a problem in Brazil and in 2017, the country set a record for murders with more than 63,000 people killed.

63,000 murders in a population of about 210,000,000. Wow! It will be interesting to see what allowing people to effectively defend themselves does to the murder rate.

This is also interesting because it is counter to the perception of gun bans and heavy restrictions are the norm outside of the U.S. Don’t let the anti-gun people get away with that lie.

The Czech Republic has generally been relaxing their gun laws over the last 20 years. Both firearm licenses and concealed carry licenses are shall issue.

When anti-gun people talk of “civilized countries” being disarmed ask them if they are saying population of Brazil and the Czech Republic are barbarians or are they going to admit they are ignorant, misinformed, and/or lying.


5 thoughts on “This will generate some interesting data

  1. “Brazil’s far-right President-elect…” bit of editorializing there from the “Daily Mail”?

  2. Was that 63,000 murders in 2017 a record for Brazil alone or did they beat out other bastions of civilization like Honduras, Jamaica, South Africa, and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa (I assume the anti-Liberty thugs exercise the “No True Scotsman” Fallacy for all it’s worth to exclude murder rates greater than the US to give their lies any weight at all).

  3. Translate “Civilized” from Left-Speak into English and you get “Authoritarian-Totalitarian” (or if the full truth be known, in its full, recorded and undeniable historical context of brutal oppression, mass murder and mass destruction using the sneakiest, most nasty and under-handed methods imaginable, it means, “Romish”).

    So it is that once you understand their language, you see that they speak the truth– They’re “Civilized” (Romish-Authoritarian-Totalitarian murdering pontificating blaspheming deceiving egotist wanting above all else to be worshiped as God) and you’re not. Likewise, indeed, “Civilized” nations are those with strict gun control, central planning, coercive redistribution, and brutal retribution against free speech and independent thought.

    With a full understanding of their language then (Left-Speak as I call it, but it happens to have been known for thousands of years as dragon, or serpent, language), we should own their characterization of those of us who love the perfect law of liberty as “Uncivilized”, and let the Romish powers own their characterization of themselves as “Civilized” if they’re going to double-down on it unrepentant. I’d prefer that they recant, for in that case they’d be our great allies, all the more for having a full understanding of that which we oppose, but I find it acceptable if they, in an informed decision, condemn themselves in their own tongue while recommending us likewise.

    Let’s just be sure that they know who we are, and that we know who they are (and that it ain’t about Democrats verses Republicans or silly MAGA-hat wearers verses the silly hypnotized attackers; that’s all mere distraction, thoughbeit very clever and well-executed distraction).

  4. If you’d like to know how America got to where it finds itself today watch the youtube interview of Soviet propaganda expert and defector Yuri Bezmenov. Done with G. Edward Griffin – author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island” – he details the actual “formula” Marxists implement to destabilize a country so it can be taken down.

    The plan has been in play for over 100 years ! MIND BOGGLING INFO and should be watched by everyone who wants the backstory of how we came to this place no one would have believed 25 years ago.

    Simply search “Yuri Bezmenov interview” in youtube – before they take it down.

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