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No political experiment has ever been tried so widely, with so many disparate people, in so many different countries (with such different histories) and failed so absolutely and so catastrophically. Is it mere ignorance (albeit of the most inexcusable kind) that allows today’s Marxists to flaunt their continued allegiance—to present it as compassion and care? Or is it, instead, envy of the successful, in near-infinite proportions? Or something akin to hatred for mankind itself? How much proof do we need? Why do we still avert our eyes from the truth?

Jordan B. Peterson
November 1, 2018
The Gulag Archipelago: A New Foreword by Jordan B. Peterson
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One thought on “Quote of the day—Jordan B. Peterson

  1. “…is it, instead, envy of the successful, in near-infinite proportions?”


    “…something akin to hatred for mankind itself?”

    Not “akin”; it’s real hatred of mankind, straight up, and, combined with a towering arrogance which says mankind can and should be controlled by a central, coercive “authority”, it is the most deadly force on Earth.

    “How much proof do we need?”

    We have centuries of proof; more than we need.

    “Why do we still avert our eyes from the truth?”

    THAT, is the question of the ages. Maybe it’s because we’re distracted by things other than the pursuit of truth. Truth, strictly speaking, doesn’t pay the mortgage, for one thing. Evil understands well that we aren’t focused primarily on researching the depths of its shenanigans, it’s web of deceit and betrayal, to the very end. We tend to focus instead on the trappings and wrappings, and the false and deceptive assertions, like the “team sport” of political parties, or the notion that coercive redistribution helps people, etc.

    In a world ruled by evil, who will stand for truth? That requires either an abiding and unstoppable faith, or a death wish. No, it’s much simpler to look the other way, play along, and hope that the other sheep will be eaten until you can die of natural causes.

    So in that sense we gamble on the numbers, and that would make us as devoid of truth as the main perpetrators, wouldn’t it? It means we’re willing to live with evil so long as it doesn’t get to us in its full rage before we die. Let those others suffer; we have work to do and bills to pay. Worse yet, anyone may stand up naked for the truth, and we’re as likely to jump on them for upsetting the fake peace as to join hands with them and take the heat.

    It was the Protestant Reformation which lead civilization out of the Dark Ages, and many peace loving, truth loving Protestants were slaughtered in the process for the unspeakable crime of questioning authority. What do we have now? That’s your answer.

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