Quote of the day—Cody Wilson

People come to me and say, ‘Cody, tell us why you want to do it.’ No, no – more like all these authorities, all these powers, they will have to justify why they should have the right to stop me.

If they could build a system that could prevent people from downloading that pistol, it would be far more dangerous and the effects would be far more terrible than that little pistol. Power wants to know everything, surveil everything, absorb everything. This impulse should be checked.

Cody Wilson
August 14, 2018
3D-printed gun inventor welcomes Seattle legal battle
[I would make the correction that it is actually all these authorities will have to prove they have powers delegated by the people to do what they are attempting to do. The 1st and 2nd Amendments reinforce the fact the Constitution did not give them any such power.

Also, I would say, “must be checked” rather than “should be checked.” It fails my Jews In The Attic Test.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Cody Wilson

  1. I view Cody as the Philip Zimmerman of the 2010s.
    It’s good to see both their works in book form. It would be fun for people in benighted places like Seattle to order copies of the Cody book (the Liberator design). And then donate some of them to local libraries for extra chuckles.

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  4. The government, those hirelings in elected and appointed positions, have NO rights. In their positions, they operate UNDER enumerated delegated powers, without which they may do NOTHING! The wording of the 10th Amendment makes that unambiguously clear.

    • True, and even that is redundant because the wording of the main body of the Constitution also says it explicitly. “All legislative powers herein granted…”

  5. Apparently Amazon has decided to censor the printed book of Cody’s design.

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