Quote of the day—Tamlynn Torchon

Let’s be clear: gun control is neither gun abolition nor gun confiscation. No one is trying to take away your guns, and no one is suggesting a ban in the U.S., either.

Tamlynn Torchon
July 26, 2018
Opinion: Gun control is useful, necessary and complicated
[Yes. Let’s be clear. Torchon is extraordinarily ignorant and/or lying. Therefore we can regard everything they say as worthless or evidence of their evil intent.—Joe]


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  1. They seem to think that unless there’s a door to door confiscation of every type and class of firearm, “no one is suggesting to take our guns” – and so we should just shut up. And they even lie about that.

    • No one back in 1919 ever suggested a ban on alcohol, and no one tried to take your alcohol. You could still have small amounts of religious wine and medicinal tinctures.

      • Horseshit. The alcohol abolitionists wanted every drop outlawed. It’s in the history books. Look up Carey Nation. The religious and medical allowances were made only because lawyers told the abolitionists that restricting those uses wouldn’t get by SCOTUS, and the whole effort would fail.

  2. The “red flag” laws that have passed in 10+ blue states recently are proof that they are trying to take our guns.

    Torchon would have to be living under a rock to make this claim. Increasingly, I don’t attribute “No one’s trying to take away your guns” statements to ignorance.

    • I attribute all those statements to the ACCEPTED (D) penchant for lying. Lying is part of their plan, and you are hard-pressed to find ANY (D) Talking Point that doesn’t contain some sort of lie.

  3. And what did Feinstein publicly state she would have done to Mr. And Mrs. America if she had 51 votes in the Senate?

    • I think she said, “Mr and Mrs America, I plan to leave you all alone.”

  4. “No one is trying to take away your guns.” We just define “guns” as flintlock muskets in common use in 1789; other firearms are “dangerous, military style, assault weapons of mass destruction.” and will be forcibly taken from you.

    • Woa woa woa… They have the highest respect for your second amendment right to your deer hunting traditions…

      • Actually, they don’t respect hunters at all, of course. They’re just saving the most gullible ones for later, using them against us in the meantime.

        Elmer Fudd is a fair representation of how they percieve hunters. He and Yosemite Sam represent us. To some extent the Coyote (verses Roadrunner) represents us too, in that he is always attempting to use his cleverness as primary weapon when cleverness without understanding is no weapon at all.

      • I saved this quote away a while ago (obviously based on the famous WW2 era one from Martin Niemöller):

        ===== The lament of the AHSA supporter =====

        First they came for the machine guns, and I didn’t speak up because I have a Remington 700, and who needs a machine gun to hunt with?

        Then they came for the “assault weapons,” and I didn’t speak up because I have a Remington 700 and who needs an “assault weapon” to hunt with?

        Then they came for the .50 caliber rifles, and I didn’t speak up because I have a Remington 700, and who wants to hunt with a .50 caliber rifle anyway (apart from those black powder nuts)?

        Then they came for the semiautomatic handguns, and I didn’t speak up because I have a Remington 700, and who hunts with a pistol? (Though those big-bore hunting revolvers are kinda neat, in a sick way.)

        Then they came for the rest of the semiautomatic rifles, and I didn’t speak up because I have a Remington 700, and anyone who needs more than one shot isn’t a real hunter.

        Then they came for the high-power sniper rifles; and even though my Remington 700 has a scope, and fires a round that will go through a car door, and I can hit the eye of an elk at 500 yards with it (not that I’m bragging or anything), the Second Amendment says we can have guns for hunting, and I only use it one week a year for hunting.

        But there was no one left to speak up for me, and they took it away.” — John D. Hardin

  5. Torchon is exercising sound, proven tactics which are applied in all legal proceedings, all politics and nearly all religion;

    Calm the silly, blinded masses into complacency, make all the assurances necessary, grab what you can grab now, then start over and do it again. Bonus points for making us actually feel good about it in some cases, or proud to be in compliance!

    Overlay that process with one of irritation, intimidation and threats, and they have a winning system, so spectacularly successful that it rules the entire world, even having infiltrated, stagnated, stalled, distracted and derailed that sickening upstart, the United States!

    It only stops when there’s nothing left to steal, not even your morals or your life.

    IT WORKS, it’s been working for millennia and there’s no end to it in sight. So don’t knock it. How can you presume to insult such success?

    Torchon is on solid ground here, using exactly the right lies in exactly the right way, like every good politician, every cultural movement leader, every media programmer, and every lawyer.

    • No one is trying to take away your guns. We have always been at war with Eastasia and we have never been at war with Eurasia! Four legs good 2 legs baaad!

  6. No one is trying to take your guns, everyone is.
    Where “Everyone” equals elected officials and agency personnel.

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