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If you support this proposal then you must support a keeping homeowners honest act. While the vast majority of homeowners are law abiding citizens, studies would suggest that over 90% of illegal drugs distributed in any given area are distributed by a few bad apples. To have all homes periodically searched to prevent illegal drug sales is just common sense.

July 17, 2018 at 1:24 pm
Comment to Senators Blumenthal and Murphy offer new bill to increase gun dealer oversight
[The ATF should be a chain of convenience stores, not a regulatory agency.—Joe]


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  1. Wait, wait, wait….

    Are we talking about the very same ATF that strong-armed certain FFL’s into completing transfers they didn’t want to do, which transfers those FFL’s pro-actively tipped off the ATF as being highly questionable, and which transferee’s turned out to be ***known*** to the ATF as ineligible but were being monitored as part of their ‘Fast and Furious’ operation?

    They want the “Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act” to empower **that** ATF even MORE?

    • Not only did they do the “Fast and Furious” thing. They got really huffy when one of those dealers insisted on a written directive noting the ATFs insistence on completing sale and holding the dealer blameless.

    • Just look at the names on the bill — it makes perfect sense given those two shady characters.

  2. I actually thought the commentor was being 100% serious; as he wanted something like this to happen. I actually had to read the article to realize the context. But I would not be surprised if people on the left would like three random warrantless searches of every home in the country per year. Wonder how well that would go over. I suspect they would start running out of people to do it pretty quickly.

  3. Just like the book 1984, the left will see this satire as a roadmap, not as snark.

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