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A law should be made to ban freelance freight and ban on running open arms. But this law has not passed due to the effect of the influence of the owners and arms lobby in congress of arms manufacturing factories.

June 20, 2018
No Gun Control Legislation -70 People died in 3 days in United States
[This author could be replaced with a relatively simple computer program. Or, quite possibly, he already has been. With these anti-gun people it’s sometimes so hard to tell.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—BestFeeds

  1. I support the idea that this “article” was auto-generated. The word salad was grammatically correct without typoes, but completely devoid of any kind of attempt at logical progression towards an argument. It looks most like an association of commonly co-appearing phrases filtered through a grammar engine.

    It probably doesn’t help the statistics or heuristics of the engine that the source material is also primarily hoplo-glossolalia.

  2. It reads like a bad translation from a non-Western-European language, e.g. Chinese or Arabic. That would be my bet.

    And; “open arms” (heh).
    Nay, Young Grasshopper; we Americans, lovers of the Perfect Law of Liberty, welcome the gun trade with open arms.

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