Quote of the day—Tony Asaro‏ @TGaucho

I know what I want, thank you. Buy back & incinerate every civilian firearm. Every single one.

Tony Asaro‏ @TGaucho
Tweeted on February 25, 2018
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

And then this genius came up with a plan to fund it:

Charge registration on legal guns. Use $$ to run buyback program.

Robyn K? @RobynK12

These people have crap for brains.—Joe]


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  1. To “buy” implies a mutual, voluntary agreement between peaceable trading partners. To buy “back” is to purchase, again by mutual agreement, that which you previously sold.

    If you were not the original seller, you cannot “buy back” something.

    Thus we are being exposed to the full face of insanity whenever we hear of “buy backs”.

    What they actually mean, but for whatever reason will not say it, is “wholesale theft” or “wholesale coercion”.

    They’re afraid of the truth, so they’ll invent nonsensical terms to cover it up.

    The criminal class, which runs all governments now, is infuriated because they can’t simply arrest, imprison, confiscate all the property of, and murder, all the honest people. Thus they’ll have to dance around with fake terminology to come up with ways to make it happen in drips and drops. At some point they’ll realize they no longer need any pretense, and will then, finally, have their day of fully-liberated rage, plunder and murder.

    It’s the final stage in this game of Man’s assumed authority, which is evil, over true authority. Every government, once instituted and recognized, no matter the original pretenses, begins working toward that end.

  2. This moron would be the same type that would make prisoners buy their own rope for their hanging.

          • Naw, Oregonians are a very special brand of soy. They’ll be racing to the police stations to give up their guns, and that’s only because they don’t currently have an active volcano for a guy with a bone in his nose to throw them into. They’re the same people who held a memorial service for a bee hive that got sprayed in Wilsonville. I honestly can’t say I 100% disagree with gun confiscation in Oregon. In general I don’t think it’s good for children to have access to firearms. It’s for their own protection.

        • Drew,
          In CA, due to a lawsuit, the state ended up confiscating a particular rifle around ’90. Knowledge of this was widespread. When they did registration v2.0 in ’94?, according to a gun dealer I spoke to they got less than 10% of the estimated guns registered. This was a big shock to the DOJ, and they never talk about it publicly. The DOJ workers understand what this means, but the politicians don’t. Then again, the politicians are the most stupid of all .gov employees. They prove it every time they open their mouths.

    • IIRC, the Chinese billed the family for the bullet used to kill dissidents.

  3. A few points:

    1) The internet is forever.
    2) We can make lists, too.
    3) We’re not making lists now.
    4) It wouldn’t take long to do so by mining Twitter and doing a little semi-automated crowdsourced QA.

    • I suspect that you are wrong on #3. I’m guessing some people would decide that it would be useful to put a little effort into that. At least as far as politicians and their helpers are concerned. Idiots like this clown? I suppose it might be useful to know who to ban from any sort of .gov employment. Best to keep that sort of mindset as far from power as is feasible.

      • How about “I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of Twitter-derived lists created by machine heuristics keyed to the voluntary and unsolicited self-identification of anti-civil-rights conspirators.”

        • And where do these useful idiots actually live? The Cheka will want to visit them in the middle of the night, too.

    • Not a bad plan. The real challenge will be finding the actual people behind the troll accounts. Even many professional journalists are written under pseudonyms. How do I know? Easy. Just do a a Google or Pipl seach on the the alleged journalist. No small number just appear at their employer with no prior records of their name.

    • That’s not fair! That’s old news, it isn’t happening now when the “journalists” in the news media are woke and it isn’t something that can be blamed on the man who opened up North Korea.

      And if anyone accuses any of you of playing “whataboutism” by bringing up the stories the media killed during Obama’s reign, tell them it is really that problem they faced in Junior High/ Middle School and High School, “Compare and Contrast.” Since they can’t do that, they should apply the women’s rights rule: No ovaries, STFU. No awareness of what happened before Trump became President and they awoke from their collective* coma, STFU.

      *Yes, I did it.

      • Please announce a trigger warning before saying the word “woke” at me.

        • Sorry about that. I was channeling my totalitarian brothers and their Stalinist wives. It won’t happen again.

  4. Tony Asaro will be among the first of the disarmed and defenseless useful idiots to be herded into a concentration camp for “wrong think” when one of his silly ideas conflicts with a future governmental sacred cow.

    They don’t get it. They think that the government is beneficient and loving and yet it is composed of flawed people and they don’t trust most people! In our current political situation, we have a president they declare to be Hitler reincarnated.

    Is that a level 10 of cognitive dissonance to declare that the government is run by Hitler and simultaneously demand that we all surrender our means of defense to the same government?

    Tony Asaro, it worked out real well for the Brown Shirts. Same thing for first wave of communists in the USSR. So, if you put Bernie Sanders in power, know that he will step over your dead body later if he gets his version of Venezuela.

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