3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bear

  1. Thus channeling John Ross. Yes, I read the book.

    I tend to believe however, that “The Powers That Should Not Be” look at the scenario described therein with some longing. It would give them what they’ve wanted all along; a good excuse to get with the killing already. I’ve recently began to think of them as REBs (Roman/Egyptian/Babylonian).

    Sure, the little tools of the REBs, those who do most of the legwork including those in and outside of government, would be wiped out too, but they’ve always been the disposable pawns in this age-old, global war.

    • That’s correct if the good guys do what the bad guys count on: not target the commanders. Assume on the other hand that the good guys do start at the top, then things would be finished much sooner and the harm would come specifically to those who deserve it.
      Matthew Bracken described this well.

      • The only way for this to come out with any thing approaching a good result is for the aggrieved to know where the actual top party members (the elect) are. otherwise we’re just attacking each other for the entertainment and benefit of our invisible betters, a la Star Trekl’s “Gamesters of Triskelion”

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