Quote of the day—Timothy Callahan

Somewhere out there, there are british cops who are, no shit, filing charges against people for saying how shitty they are for protecting a bureaucracy that is actively preventing a third party from treating a sick child.

And here’s us, talking about how best to range them under field conditions.

If that doesn’t sum up the vast gulf between our nations, I’m not sure what else will.

Timothy Callahan
April 26, 2018
On Facebook regarding commentary on this photo:

[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Timothy Callahan

  1. You’ve just illustrated a classic “thesis / antithesis” scenario. So long as the “synthesis” which comes out of it involves chaos, death and destruction, then the dark alliance will have benefitted.

    The photo is also classic. Pure symbolism. What does the mind see in it? That no one gets over an injury or a sickness without entering that 300 million dollar building? That the building itself holds within in it the power of healing? What are those people in the goofy, fluorescent suits? Nothing but symbols. They appear unarmed, for one thing. “Stop! or I’ll say ‘stop’ again!”

    So the increasingly impotent police power of the State is pretending to block access to the increasingly impotent healing powers within that State building (and no one can heal anywhere else, apparently, because the State has confiscated and holds all the magic healing tokens).

    Vast absurdity being protected by additional layers of absurdity, and all that matters is that we recognize the authority of that absurdity.

    The Brits will drown in their own, flaccid stupidity. If they’re THAT determined to drown, then nothing can stop them. I suppose we’re right behind them.

    • Lyle,
      bear in mind that British Bobbies carry concealed, when armed with handguns. Not all, or even a majority, are armed, and they are generally not happy doing it. Being forced to shoot someone causes the cop to be ostracized by his fellow workers, so they would rather wait around for a “gun car” to arrive at the scene. They are poorly trained, and MUST account for every cartridge at the end of shift. (finding lost ammo overrides security theater, as a photo documented a couple years ago) There are no upsides to being armed, as far as they are concerned.

      • A few years ago I read the social origin of British cops being unarmed. The reason supposedly is that policemen were generally working class people, and British practice for centuries has been that gun ownership is a privilege of the upper classes. Armed peasants was something to be avoided at all cost.

          • The disarmed police thing is much, much older than that; from what I understand it goes back to the beginning of British police forces (early 1800s?).

          • Drew,
            are you aware of the disposition of all the guns that US citizens sent to Britain in response to their pleas for assistance to combat the impending invasion?

            Except for a few rifles that were inscribed with the owner’s name and address, all were unceremoniously dumped into the English Channel at the end of the war. I think this was done after Churchill was also tossed. He wasn’t enough of a socialist for the unwashed masses to support. Winning the war was ok, but no way was he “good” enough to deliver the peace they wanted.

          • Similar but different was the fate of the million Liberator pistols manufactured (in one week!) for the benefit of the European resistance. Once made, they apparently weren’t delivered to their intended users. It still isn’t quite clear to me who blocked that, or why. But it sure feels like “don’t arm the peasantry” was part of the motivation.

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