Quote of the day—Stonekettle @Stonekettle

Here’s the thing America: we ARE coming for your guns.

You have nobody to blame but yourselves. You could have been reasonable. Instead, you’ve proven over and over that you’re NOT sane, you’re irresponsible, and you CAN’T be trusted with guns.

This is your fault.

Stonekettle @Stonekettle
Tweeted on March 24, 2018
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

I find it telling that he speaks as if America were something he is not part of. America is an enemy to be conquered.

Also providing great insight is this tweet from Jonathan who tells us:

Ignore that this veteran is /grossly/ violating his oath. Instead, consider the verbiage.

Doesn’t he sound like the /classic/ abuser? “Look what you made me do.” “Why did you make me do this?”

All the while, /he/ won’t be the one at the front of the stack. Typical bully.

All personality disorders share two things. One is that nothing is ever their fault. It is always the fault of the victim of their abuse What you see above is more crazy talk that is so typical of anti-gun people.

My counselor and books I have read on how to deal with these type of crazy people have told me the way to deal with them is as follows:

  1. Tell them their behavior is unacceptable.
  2. Tell them there will be consequences if they violate the behavior rules.
  3. If they violate the rules make certain they suffer the consequences.

As my counselor told me, “Live will not be peaceful, but it will be much better than if you just take the abuse.” It’s time to stop the abuse.—Joe]


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Stonekettle @Stonekettle

  1. “…you’ve proven over and over that you’re NOT sane…”

    There it is again; they’re hell-bent on getting a “mental health” restriction in place. Once they have that, and I believe they’ll get it with help from Republicans, then everyone who wants a gun will eventually be deemed unfit due to a “potential mental health issue”.

    It won’t happen all at once of course, but progressively. It’s already in progress. Eventually, everyone who dissents against the coercive state will be deemed “mentally unfit”. We’ve seen these kinds of things before, so there’s no need for speculation.

    It is all in play right now, protected by our normalcy bias and our incredulity.

    In case you still wonder how things have gone so far into the gutter of destruction and mass death in other countries throughout history; this is exactly how, we’re living it, so wonder no more.

  2. And “reasonableness” is defined by ol’ Stoney Heart as doing exactly what he tells us to, the first time, without hesitation, question, dissent, or especially offensive to this little god-Hitler/Stalin, with resistance.

  3. Yup, and usually if you tell such abusive people their behavior is unacceptable, they will double down and have a tantrum / power freakout in order to get you back into compliance.

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  5. Erin Palette and Kathy Jackson pointed how this language is EXACTLY like what you’d hear out of a domestic abuser.

    Which should tell you a lot about Mr. Stonekettle and his ilk.

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