Hate defined

Via email from Brian Keith:


Some of the words are a little difficult to read so here is the conversation in normal text:

Person A: And everything else

Person B: Yes. This.

Person C: Ya’lls likes are bringing me so many smiles. Thank you. Of course the first comment here (which I have deleted) was toxic sludge from a rich, straight white cis male.

Person D: If only we could delete them irl so easily.

Brian also adds:

I found this on the Facebook page of a person in Seattle.

Imagine publicly stating you were sick of a group of people (such as straight white men), based on an attribute that you assigned to the whole group (greedy!).

You’d never get elected and your friends would stop talking to you.

Unless the target of your rage is straight white cis men.

Then it’s okay when a friend talks about killing 1/3 of the country.

How is this different than how Germans talked about Jews—just before the Weapons Control Act of 1938? This is why we won’t be giving up our guns.


13 thoughts on “Hate defined

  1. I would hazard a guess the original was written by a self-described feminist white woman.

  2. We are just a few steps away from the jackboots and boxcars. The shooting in Parkland and all of the antigun hate that has followed has been our Krystalnacht.

    • No one expects the Spanish Inquisition. But it’s always there in some form or another. And it’s never further away than just below the surface.

  3. Take the original text, and substitute “Cis straight white men” with whatever demographic you choose.

    The bigotry goes both ways, it would seem, and when we condemn “people not in our favorite group”, we reveal our own bigotry.

    • I’m quite willing to live and let live, but THAT has to go both ways. Words like these raise my hackles, all sorts of flags and alarm bells, and I go from condition yellow to condition orange, watchful of where the bigotry is leading.

    • I thought about saying that just back to her.

      What if we replace “straight white cis men” with “Muslims” or “Jews” or “white overweight feminists?”

      But I know I would be shouted down because my logic is irrelevant because I am a straight white man.

  4. And this was not censored as hate speech?! I think that tells you everything you need to know about the general Leftist agenda in America. Just foment as much hate and discontent as possible to justify greater and greater involvement (control) by the government in as many aspects of our lives, thoughts and speech as possible. What ever happened to civility in discourse? Oh, wait; this is civil for some minds. I keep forgetting.

  5. The problem with the dreams of the non-cis white straight men for their nicely-purged utopia is that it’s mostly the group they hate that also knows how to shoot. Disarming the Jews and loading them onto cattle cars was a far easier task than the British, then the Russians, then the US took on in Afghanistan, say.

    If you want to go to war with a group, far better to choose a group that can’t wreak havoc on you. Somehow I’m not really all that terrified of hordes of purple hair, vagina hats, mixed with doofy-looking post-high school paid activists bearing down on my position, waving signs that condemn me and my friends. Their psy-ops isn’t working. Last I checked, pretty much all my ammo is barrier-blind to cardboard.

    • I agree, except that in Washington it is illegal to hand a gun from one person to another due to their laws.

      They are winning through other means that direct conflict.

  6. But the “purple hair, vagina hats, mixed with doofy-looking post-high school paid activists ” have the ear of our political betters who see this as the latest version of divide and conquer so they can keep their misbegotten, un-American overlord positions of power, so it won’t be pajama boy showing up at our doors asking for our guns, it will be a flash-bang grenade at 3 am followed by 10 armored cis-white men with REAL assault weapons shooting us dead because we don’t wake up and hop-to fast enough to show them where our guns are.

    • At least in Washington we have about a half million concealed pistol license owners.

      So I feel the widespread jack-boot danger is low right now.

      But the lawfare approach is working for them quite well.

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