They don’t get it

Amazing. Of all people you would think this guy would get it. Jewish, he fled Nazi Germany as a boy in 1939. Yet John H. Adler says this:

Nowhere in the civilized world are civilians permitted to carry arms unless they have specific reasons to do so. Thanks to the unbelievable political power of the NRA, almost anyone within the USA can obtain a license to purchase a gun.

Yet, the majority of the American public just doesn’t get it!

Is it so hard to understand that our entire nation suffers from the ready availability of arms?

Why, and for what purpose, are we arming ourselves?

Surely our forefathers did not intend to create a country filled with potential murderers. When the law to bear arms was enacted, this entire country was the “Wild West.” But we grew up and we like to think of our society as being “civilized”.

Is there still hope that the people of our country will come to their senses? Will they ever say,

“We finally got it!”

A little refresher course for Mr. Adler from the preface to Lethal Laws “Gun Control” is the Key to Genocide:

A. Genocide: The Down-side of “Gun Control”

“Gun control” advocates cannot see any harm in “gun control”.

But “gun control” has a down-side. A very nasty one. “Gun control” victims number in the tens of millions.

The down-side of “gun control” is genocide.

There have been at least seven major genocides in this century, involving 50-60 million victims, using conservative estimates.

In every case, a “gun control” law was in force before the genocide began. In five of these cases, the lethal law – the “gun control” law was in force when the “genocide regime” took control of the government.

B. Personal Safety: The False Promise of “Gun Control”

“Gun control” laws usually enacted in a crisis: before or after a civil war, invasion, economic collapse, upsurge in terrorism, etc. People then put personal safety above all. In the long-run (and sometimes in the short-run) this deal – disarming in exchange for government “protection” – amounts to committing suicide for fear of death.

Even if protection actually is given during the crisis, the laws remain after the crisis ends. These laws clear the way for the murder of millions, sometimes decades later. “Gun control” has a fatal flaw. It can promote personal safety. But if – and only if – it is ruthlessly enforced. Government with the power to ruthlessly to enforce “gun control” laws can easily commit genocide. They have done so repeatedly – and increasingly often – in this century.

This flaw – that getting “gun control” to “work” involves giving government the power to commit genocide – is the reason the realizing at most short-term gains in personal security via “gun control” increasingly involves payment of a very high price: genocide. Yet, the link between “gun control” and the mountains of corpses resulting from “gun control” has been overlooked.

And finally, from the German Weapons Control Act of 11 November 1938 (BTW this was the basis, after subtracting the restrictions on Jew’s and Gypsies, for the United States Gun Control Act of 1968):

§ 1

Jews are prohibited from acquiring, possessing, and carrying firearms and ammunition, as well as truncheons or stabbing weapons. Those now possessing weapons and ammunition are at once to turn them over to the local police authority.

§ 2

Firearms and ammunition found in a Jew’s possession will be forfeited to the government without compensation.

§ 3

The Minister of the Interior may make exceptions to the Prohibition in § 1 for Jews who are foreign nationals. He can entrust other authorities with this power.

§ 4

Whoever willfully or negligently violates the provisions of § 1 will be punished with imprisonment and a fine. In especially severe cases of deliberate violations, the punishment is imprisonment in a penitentiary for up to five years.

§ 5

For the implementation of this regulation, the Minister of the Interior waives the necessary legal and administrative provisions.

§ 6

This regulation is valid in the state of Austria and in the Sudeten-German districts.

Berlin, 11 November 1938

Minister of the Interior



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  1. Before this Union of States existed there were people who spoke in favor of gun control–and those who spoke against it:

    “False is the idea of utility that sacrifices a thousand real advantages for one imaginary or trifling inconvenience; that would take fire from men because it burns, and water because one may drown in it; that has no remedy for evils except destruction. The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Can it be supposed that those who have the courage to violate the most sacred laws of humanity, the most important of the code, will respect the less important and arbitrary ones, which can be violated with ease and impunity, and which, if strictly obeyed, would put an end to personal liberty —so dear to men, so dear to the enlightened legislator— and subject innocent persons to all the vexations that the guilty alone ought to suffer? Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. They ought to be designated as laws not preventive but fearful of crimes, produced by the tumultuous impression of a few isolated facts, and not by thoughtful consideration of the inconveniences and advantages of a universal decree.”

    -Cesare Beccaria, On Crimes and Punishment, 1764; quoted in Thomas Jefferson’s “Commonplace Book,” 1774-1776

  2. Why would we expect an escaped Jew to “get it” – a large part of the reason that Hitler was able to successfully undertake the Holocaust was the acquiesence of the Jewish people – not blaming them for the evil, but in only a few instances did the Jews actually figure things out and fight back. Something tells me that Adler did not escape from the Warsaw Ghetto.

    Like many other liberals, he wears the cloak of victimhood well. It’s much easier and more psychologically soothing to be a victim than to take charge of your own responsibility. It’s easier to die than to fight.

  3. This needs to be read by the majority of GUN-OWNERS, (and Republicans as well). The vast majority appear to belong to the “it-could-never-happen-here” crowd. If you raise this debate, you are generally dismissed with the tinfoil comment, even after citing actual incidents of US .gov murderers going free, (ruby ridge), or US standing armies willingly disarming US citizens, (New Orleans). The ground work has been laid. Past examples have been made. Not only CAN it happen hear, it HAS, (Jap.-Amer. internment camps).

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