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The main reason pro-gun people and anti-gun people can’t talk to each other is that their respective rhetorics are based on two irreconcilable worldviews. The anti-gun people are essentially collectivist; the pro-gun people are essentially individualist.

Individualists have a pretty good understanding of the collectivist worldview. It isn’t difficult for most pro-gun people to perform a convincing imitation of the anti-gun argument. Anti-gun people, on the other hand, seem genuinely incapable of understanding pro-gun arguments, and end up arguing against strawmen tainted by their own collectivist ideology. This leads me to believe that collectivism is an intellectual crutch for those who can’t make sense of individualism.

Explaining Irreconcilable Worldviews Between Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun Activists
This has also been attributed to “Randy Caudie”. See for example here.
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  1. Had an interesting experience with this phenomenon in a college class some long years ago. The professor asked us to write a statement about a subject we felt strongly about. Once he collected the statements, he then assigned us to prepare and present a position contrary to that statement. My statement was about the need for the 2nd Amendment to assure our liberty. After completing my opposing presentation, another student in the class stated that he could not believe that I did not believe what I had just presented. I replied that even though I might have been convincing, I could dismantle every argument that I had made equally well. My fellow student could not understand nor believe that.

  2. Just another take on my assertion that discussion and debate with the lib left is pointless as for the most part they are immune to reason, logic and fact.

  3. At some level among the leadership within the coercive movement they understand perfectly the message, origins, the precepts and the perfect laws of liberty. Probably better than most of us. “Study thine enemy” is a message they know well, for how else would they know exactly what to hate, to malign, to oppose and oppress?

    K. Marx understood that there must be one set of Morals and Doctrine for the leaders, and another for the “masses” or the “cattle” at the lower levels, the latter being kept in the dark for the sake of the movement. We must be mindful therefore to acknowledge the distinction.

    Any organization that keep secrets as a matter of course should also therefore be automatically suspect.

    We know the public side of their evil message backwards and forwards, of course, because we were all brought up in it, immersed in it. It’s unavoidable. That much is simple, and so we can’t take a lot of credit for knowing it.

    Likewise the papacy has always understood scripture perfectly, as they change it, suppress it, misrepresent it and set themselves up as authorities over it. How else to know and recognize those Protestants, who uphold scripture and Christ above Man’s authority, and to root out those “offenders” and kill them by the millions?

    Indeed, their white-hot hatred for what is right is the very result of their understanding it. There is no greater hatred.

    Same goes for the racists after the Civil War; their worst nightmare was that “uppity” black Americans would show their true capabilities, and with their new-found liberty outperform and outshine those white people who’d grown accustomed to station, ease, power and privilege. That CANNOT stand! And so they fixed it by offering them “help”, thereby creating a class of dependency which continues in its sorry state to this day.

    These are more than mere chance parallels here too, I might add. They’re all part of the same, on-going war.

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