Quote of the day—SunuvaBeach

I’m also tired of associating the mental illness of gun culture with some kind of “all American” regular folks.
They’re sick.

October 27, 2017
Comment to Finding common ground on gun control
[This is what they think of you.

My guess is if SunuvaBeach had their way with us we would be sent to a psychiatric hospital. Progressives have a long history of doing that.—Joe]


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  1. That would mean that the American founders were mentally ill as well, and anyone who ever agreed with them. Therein we see the hate for all of what could be called Western, or Judeo/Christian, Civilization.

    We have to agree that there is plenty to criticize, in even the best-founded civilization in history. One wonders, would SunuvaBeach hate the moral opposition to slavery, or the slavery? Which is the sick part, the concept of unalienable rights, or Washington’s oppression of the Whiskey Rebellion? Is it the assumption of federal ownership of state lands he hates, or does he hate the fact that there is any private land?

    Does he hate the fact that the U.S. has borders, while respecting the sovereignty of the more authoritarian countries?

    But it’s not complicated. The moral foundations of our society are what the leftists hate more than anything. They lust for coercive power, and nothing else stands in the way of the assumption of that power. They’ll point out America’s failings as the reasons to hate her. In truth it is America’s best and greatest features, or virtues, they hate. They’re trying to throw out the baby with the bath water, hoping no one will notice.

  2. he’s got no least clue what the gun culture is actually like, or about. oh, he hates something, and if you asked him i’d bet he’d yammer on at great length about how awful and terrible that something was, but i’d be much surprised if there were more than two or three, largely coincidental, touchpoints with any actual reality in that screed. nor would he be interested in any attempt to introduce more such; he’s got his two-minutes-hate target, don’t confuse him with facts.

    it’s a symptom of increasing and irrational political polarization, and it’s just as obviously happening at both ends of the spectrum. everybody hates the other party, and nobody wants to know what that other party is actually like. they’re too busy hating it.

  3. Mental health treatment like for Sakarov and the others?
    It is very clear what they’d do if the law got on their side.

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