Worst mass shooting in US history

The numbers are subject to change but the current count is 50 dead.

The shooter was on the 32 floor of the hotel across the street from a music festival.

No known motive. The best info on the shooter I have seen is here.

Speculation the shooter was a Democrat is premature. Speculation that Democrats will immediately use this horrific act for political gain is a winning bet if you could find someone to bet against you.


14 thoughts on “Worst mass shooting in US history

  1. He was targeting a country music festival, and had an accomplice.

    Odds are better than average this wasn’t just a lunatic.

  2. I’m no expert by any stretch but that sure sounds like FA fire, not bump fire, binary trigger or similar, in the videos I saw…..

  3. joe:

    isis claims him. they also claimed hurrican irma.

    but, info on the net indicates that the guys girlfriend (never get a girl friend when you are in your 60’s) is muslim, and that she has fled the country prior to this shooting incident.

    the shooter may be a recent convert.

    will be back in a bit w/ a link to the girlfriend-angle on the story.

    john jay

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  5. Let’s be accurate here. This is NOT the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, it’s the worst mass shooting not carried out by representatives of the government. Sand River, Bear Creek, Wounded Knee, and Waco all come to mind as having more deaths than this incident, and there are likely others that I’m forgetting.

    • I appreciate accuracy.

      Most of Waco deaths were from fire, not bullets.

      Did you mean Sand Creek instead of Sand River? If so, then this wasn’t in the United States. It was in a U.S. territory.

      The same can be said of Bear Creek.

      Wounded Knee, as well as the Sand River and Bear Creek massacres, are probably more accurately called, at worst, illegal acts of war than what is today called a “mass shooting”.

      • First of all, yes I did mean Bear River and Sand Creek, not the other way around. Thank you.

        I don’t consider the fact that these massacres took place in territories rather than states to matter. They were within the borders of the U.S. This is still a fairly narrow definition of U.S. history, which could also very reasonably include American actions that occurred elsewhere.

        As for Waco, the distinction between directly shooting people and shooting at people with the result they can’t escape from a fire is again, IMO, not especially relevant. (Personally, I don’t really see much value in separating out mass shootings from other acts of mass murder, but maybe that’s just me.)

        I know that war crimes are typically not counted as “mass shootings.” This is a point I am specifically contesting because (non-government) mass shootings are so frequently cited as reasons that only government agents should be allowed to have guns, or guns of some particular type.

        I did not bring up these examples to argue that the U.S. government is any less trustworthy than Americans in general are, but to hopefully make the point that it is not any more so.

  6. I see a photo that shows two broken windows a fair distance apart. Are those windows of the same hotel room?

    • To follow up on my question, here’s what I believe the answers are based on the 3 PM (PDT) press conference answers from the sheriff: the two windows are the two ends of the large suite he used. And the weapons were a collection of rifles (possibly modified — given what we heard, that sounds likely), .223 and .308 calibre. I heard no mention of M60 or other belt fed weapons.

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  8. I try not to be a tinfoil hat guy but something about this stinks. I won’t voice my suspicions here but I am withholding all judgment until I hear about the forensics of the room, the guns, and his body.

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