Quote of the day—Caity

I’m the village extravert.

September 12, 2017
Overheard at work.
[I’m on the Threat Intelligence team at work. Caity is one of the analysts. Everyone on the team has a few “quirks”. So Josh, also on the team, decided we should take an Asperger test. Josh scored a 14, Jodie scored a 12, Devin scored a 24, Greg refused to take the test, and Caity had a 17. But Caity said if she wasn’t so social it would have been much higher. She then came up with the QOTD which caused Josh and I to burst into laughter. If you knew Caity you would not be surprised that a few weeks ago Caity was voted the social replacement for Brett on our team.

I stomped the competition within our team on the Asperger test with a 32.—Joe]

Update: Greg finally succumbed to peer pressure (but we aren’t sure if he answered the questions honestly) and scored a 15.


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Caity

  1. I scored 29. There’s nothing wrong with me (*tic*) wrong with me (*tic*) wrong with me (*tic*) …

  2. 11 for me. I can be focused and analytical when I want/need to, but can switch it off when I want to.

  3. I scored 36. Of course, Mr. Huffman and I will not be hoisting a beer together in celebration, because…well, people with our scores just don’t celebrate that way.

  4. 30. Sometimes people are amazed how ‘writing fiction’ and ‘using a spreadsheet program’ are two things I do at the same time, for the same purpose, and entertain myself for days on end.

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