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  1. I, for one, am glad the inventors of Cognitive Privilege chose not to celebrate the obvious corollary, Stupid Privilege. Really stupid people have all sorts of privilege, not least of which is complete obliviousness about how stupid they appear to the rest of us, and an impossibility of understanding any explanation of their stupidity. Oh, wait, perhaps those people yelling about Cognitive Privilege are just exercising their Stupid Privilege….

    • As I keep saying, I don’t believe that intelligence has much, if anything, to do with it. Rather it is the degree to which a person is connected with reality. Probably the best way to understand it is to think in terms of a person’s allegiance.

      On a small scale this is illustrated nicely by looking at the motivations and feelings of crime gang members. A confident, hard-working, law-abiding person sees the gang members as stupid, while at the same time the gang members see the confident, hard-working law-abiding person as stupid, a chump, a sucker.

      Practically anyone, under certain conditions and with clever deception, can be induced into a gang (the “gang” of Progressive Marxists is no different). The genetic inheritance of intelligence has nothing to do with it. There have been enough evil geniuses in the world, I think, to prove that, and I’d rather associate with a simple-minded, good person than an evil genius any day, if it were a choice between the two.

      And so, as we laugh, point fingers and make fun of the Progressives, they’re laughing, pointing fingers and making fun of us.

      I hung out with scores of them in college. I partook of their system, drinking it in deeply. I was tight with that group. There was mutual trust, both with students and professors alike, and the professors’ superiors too. I experienced it first-hand for years, and believe me when I tell you that many of them were very intelligent. Their allegiances were completely out of whack, but that’s because they were thoroughly immersed in a Marxist system that few if any of them would have identified as Marxist– It’s “just the way things are” in their world view (which was fed to them in clever, devious ways for most all their lives), and so they apply their high level of intelligence to upholding that system. That upholding, by necessity, involves maligning and impugning the concepts of liberty in a way that is so reflexive that it doesn’t involve even thinking about it as such. It’s just automatic; America as founded is simply “flawed” or “impractical” or “no longer applicable in this day and age” and so on.

      All of that behavior flows from the allegiance of the person.

      Think of it as something like abused spouse syndrome; one spouse may be beating and mentally abusing the other, and if you go after the abuser, the abused one will attack you and defend the abuser. The same applies to any gang, and most government structures; the members abuse each other in some form of chain-of-command, but they’ll defend their system even to the death.

      Ultimately there are but two alliances in the world. I’ll leave it you to figure that out (if you’re “smart” enough). Here’s a clue; gangs fight and kill each other, but none of them are anti-gang– They’re all upholding the same system, and will band together to oppose the other system if they feel sufficently threatened by it.

      • But there is one critical difference between the thug-life gang-banger and the hard-working, law abiding, upstanding citizen. The former needs the latter to survive, but not vice-versa. Any culture that depends on preying on another is limited to the abilities of their slaves. A free culture can do more because they create, not just live as parasites.

        • As Mrs. Thatcher said so nicely, “the difficulty with socialisms is that you soon run out of other people’s money”.
          By the way, s/praying/preying/

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