A practical suggestion

I would like to suggest that congress drop baseball as the annual sport competition between Democrats and Republicans. If this had been practice for a three-gun match or even a IPDA, USPSA, or steel match fewer innocent people would have been injured.

6 thoughts on “A practical suggestion

  1. A great idea if you just want a Republican only activity. It would force the Democrats to actually explain their firearm paranoia or admit that their grandstanding related to guns is just an act for the purpose of power grabbing and I don’t see either one ever happening.

    • Maybe not. After all, Dianne Feinstein is perfectly willing to admit that she carries, while at the same time somehow arguing that the lowly subjects should be disarmed.

  2. Plus, local tax money (probably with some $$ from the feds, even if indirectly) is used to build baseball fields as part of “parks and recreation” spending; so why not some of that money going to ranges?

    Counterpoint; Guns are dangerous!!
    Response: Ever looked the injury / ER visit rate for so-called “casual and safe” sports like softball leagues?

    Counterpoint: Guns are noisy, baseball isn’t
    Response: HPA (partially)

  3. I think the last of the shooting blue dog Democrats went out with Bill Brewster and Zel Miller.

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