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There have always been strong poll numbers for specific gun control proposals, and the NRA wins time and time again. Clearly, the polling data is not giving us the full picture.

Bill Scher
May 24, 2017
The Issue Democrats Wish Would Go Away
Can the Democratic Party retake Congress by giving up on gun control? Should it?

[The polling data doesn’t reflect a number of things:

  • Nearly all polls on gun issues have biased questions.
  • The polls don’t measure the passion for voting on the gun issue. Someone might think a gun ban is a good idea but give up on that issue in favor of a promise of lower taxes.
  • A legislator might be inclined to vote for “smart guns” then have it explained that it cannot possibly achieve the claimed benefits.
  • A majority of the public might like the idea of a gun ban and confiscation but the legislators know confiscation cannot work without violation of the 4th Amendment even if there might be a path past the 2nd Amendment.
  • We do not have a system of simple majority rule. There also exist minority rights that is upheld, to a least a certain extent, by the judicial, legislative, and the executive branches of government. Polls do not measure the strength of this type of opposition.

Polls also indicate one of the most popular parts of ObamaCare is the elimination of restrictions regarding preexisting conditions. But things like someone buying insurance while on a stretcher after an auto accident in the emergency room (it used to happen in Washington State) prove the folly of government attempting to change the laws of economics or human nature.

Democrats should just keep on polling … and loosing.—Joe]


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  1. Hey Joe: why can only WordPress users use your “like” button? You are a coder, can’t you install something that lets the rest of we Joe Blows give you a “like” over here?

    BTW, I pay for a Typepad blog, and used to be able to function in the WordPress sphere with my credentials. Apparently can’t do that now.

    • I would have to modify the code or write a plugin and make sure it works with every new version of WordPress that comes out. I’m just not that interested in doing that.

  2. That full article is interesting. The comments even more so, in particular a 15 item list of what a “real democrat” should advocate in order to get “majority support”. It looks like a wish list that would make any European socialist green with envy.

  3. Anyone in the media who isn’t aware that polls don’t tell the whole story, after the last election, is too stupid to be trusted with anything sharper than edible play-dough.

    • That assumes, as usual, that we’re dealing merely with ignorance (or stupidity).

    • Oh, they know perfectly well. Polling is a tool of manipulation. They design them that way. If we believe polls are designed to get to the truth, we’re the stupid ones. That we’re calling our manipulators stupid, while we’re feeding them, adds the exclamation point to it.

  4. It’s an age-old tactic of the Progressive authoritarians (the criminal class). I became fully aware of it in the 1990s during the Washington State I676 battle. The authoritarians put up a web site in which they showed the huge numbers of beautiful people who supported the initiative, and three or four dolts who opposed it. It was supposed to demonstrate the hopelessness of opposing the initiative. You’re in with the hip crowd if you’re a Marxist, and you’re a lonely, backward, hick/idiot if you’re an American.

    The initiative failed in a 69% to 31% vote.

    EVERYONE loved Hillary, too. This never changes and it never will.

    If such childish games are the order of the day, we can all play. Here are some poll questions for you;
    If it could save the lives of children, shouldn’t we all carry AK-47s? (Yes or No)

    Do you support the unrestricted right to keep and bear arms, OR do you hate women, children, minorities, the poor, the elderly, and the disabled? (A or B)

    Hitler supported gun control and gun confiscation. Do you agree with Hitler in any way? (Yes or No)

    See? It’s easy, and it’s right along the lines of, “Are you a science denier?”

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