Quote of the day—President Donald Trump

You came through for me, and I am going to come through for you.

President Donald Trump
April 28, 2017
Trump: ‘8-year assault’ on Second Amendment is over
[I agreed that a President Hillary Clinton would have been far, far worse. But with all the abuse we have put up with for so many decades there is a lot of work to be done.

The new Supreme Court justice is a good start. But that isn’t enough to satisfy me in this regard.

In a matter of a week or so he could have reverse a number of bans on foreign made ammo and guns put in place by executive order by the last three or four presidents. And don’t forget the requirement that gun dealers report sales of multiple long guns in certain Mexico border states implemented by President Obama.

I remain skeptical.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—President Donald Trump

  1. Trump seems to be the only Pres in my memory that has finally understood that you may as well do the things that you promised your base that you would do, instead of pandering to those who will hate you and oppose you no matter what you do. That especially includes the press. If you’re going to get hammered regardless, just do the right thing. I hope he doesn’t fall into the Bush model in hopes that the left will eventually love him.

  2. I get the impression that Trump understands some of the concerns of gun owners, but that these are not really his concerns, nor his priorities. As such, he’ll do some good stuff for us, because he promised to do so… but he’s not going to turn Washington DC upside down for us.

    That’s disappointing, I suppose. But given the record of BHO, and the expected record of HRC, I’ll take it… gladly.

  3. Trump did mouth the right words. Not in the quote you posted, but all the stuff about God-given rights, about self governance, and the constitution which limits government to the benefit of the individual, i.e. the American Principles.

    This puts him in a bind now; he can never say he didn’t understand or that he was led astray. There can be no pleading ignorance, no appeals to authoritarian concepts; there’s no falling back one you’ve articulated the very foundation of the American ideals.

    The posted quote is nothing but gangster talk; tit for tat, pay to play type garbage having nothing to do with American principles.

    Anyway; “eight year assault”? Let’s see; 1934 is an obvious date, and 2017 minus 1934 comes to eighty three years, not eight years. A factor of ten or more is generally not insignificant among those who claim to care about things.

  4. President Trump, if you really want to show you care, get the HPA passed, then start working on NFA repeal.

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