Quote of the day—Eva Franchell

Cars have turned into deadly weapons. They have been easy to steal and then nothing has been able to stop their advance.

In Nice, Berlin, Jerusalem, London and Stockholm , they have been used as effective murder machines terrorists who wanted to kill many people.

Justice Minister Morgan Johansson believes that it is difficult to protect people in an open society. But motorists may run anywhere is surely not transparent. The cars have dominated our cities for decades, now it is the people who need space. Now it is cars that must be regulated.

Eva Franchell
April 10, 2017
Clear Stockholm – stopping cars
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With both guns and cars so many people seem obsessed with the tool rather than the people using the tools. I’m starting to wonder if a significant number of them developed this peculiar mindset because of an inadequacy with the use of tools. They see, perhaps unconsciously, a path to reducing their feelings of inferiority by banning the use of those tools by others.—Joe]


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  1. The automobile has given us tremendous freedom to travel, associate with people who live some distance away and more. I can think of two different leftists I have known who have argued with me regarding privately owned vehicles versus public transportation. According to them, forcing everyone to use public transportation has many benefits including safety, fuel economy and environmental benefits. The loss of freedom associated with banning privately owned vehicles seems of small consequence to these people. I think part of the real motive is the unwillingness to accept the responsibility that comes with driving a car (or carrying a firearm). Having the government provide food, housing, transportation, protection and more relieves the individual of those responsibilities.

    • That’s the benign interpretation. The pessimistic interpretation is that their aim is to take away freedom of movement.

  2. Pure insanity. They welcome jihadists into their countries and then want to ban everything a jihadist might use as a weapon. You’re right, Joe; they have unconscious tendencies alright. I think you’re right about the tools.

    Real strength, of whatever kind, is generally envied, mocked, maligned and hated by those who lack it. That leads to a tendency to oppose Judeo/Christian civilization, for it embodies everything that the weak, the fearful, the lustful and the hateful envy. That makes the Leftists and the Jihadists into natural allies.

    It’s kind of funny; the jihadists were doing the mass shooting thing and the Progressives predictably concentrated on the guns, not wanting to see the jihadist. The jihadists then told each other to stop with the guns because they wanted to make sure the message was all about Islam. Now the fucking Progressives are concentrating on cars.

    You can’t make this shit up.

    It works nicely as a double-team against civilization though. The jihadists attack us, the Progressives follow up with an attack against OUR use of the tool, whether it be airline travel, communications tech., guns, pressure cookers, or automobiles. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    They got a good thing goin’. We’ll all bitch about it, do nothing, and they’ll keep advancing.

    • It is because “progressives” cannot admit that their fundamental world-view WRT people is utterly upside-down, inside out, and at odds with reality. In the “nature vs nurture,”argument they are in the “100% nurture” camp. They are morally certain that if they can just control the environment with sufficient detail and rigor they can achieve their desired end goal. To admit that it’s the people, not the things, is to have their entire world-view collapse, their secular god be revealed to be unholy, weak, and craven. They cannot, under any circumstances, admit that. So they deny the reality that keeps whacking them in the face, and they will continue to do so until they die.

  3. Ban cars…then knives…then fire accelerants…then household chemical explosives…then rocks…and finally gravity.

    See eventually we can have peace and security in the midst of a horde of seventh century barbarians. You just have to live in a padded kevlar bubble.

    Europe is lost unless they pull out all stops with mass deportations and watch out, the Germans are great at genocide I hear.

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