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The seven Army Values are a part of my moral DNA. Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage are at the heart of who I am today.

These values serve as the backbone to every service member who has served or is still serving in our armed forces, and they deserve better than what our federal lawmakers have given them. Instead of protecting our most vulnerable veterans — men and women with severe mental illness — the House recently passed a bill that made it easier for them to get guns.

Lindsey Donovan
March 29, 2017
Disgraceful gun bill endangers veterans: Army vet
[She wants to “protect them” by making it illegal for them to exercise their right to self defense without due process? Has she forgotten her oath to defend the constitution?

I’m still sometimes amazed at how twisted the minds of these people are. They truly have crap for brains and/or they are incredibly evil.—Joe]


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  1. Wow, you wonder how this person ever made it through basic.
    He/she is lying, too. The bill does not “make it easier”, it merely cancels an illegal infringement of due process perpetrated by the previous administration. The status quo ante it restores is not anywhere close to where it should be, Constitutionally speaking, but it isn’t quite as bad as what the socialists previously in power attempted to establish.

  2. Following the rationale of “protecting” innocent soldiers from ability to own those nasty, icky, dangerous guns, may I suggest that the only means of achieving absolute safety for former soldiers is to kill them immediately upon discharge from the service? Otherwise, if allowed to walk around and keep breathing, they might experience something that is not absolutely safe.

    I believe this premise was espoused by several socialist totalitarian governments against subsections of their populations, by many liberal science fiction writers, and by liberal politicians regarding abortion of unwanted children, so my proposal is pretty mainstream, actually.

    I wonder if she’d accept it immediately, or if she’d have to find a slippery slope towards adoption of the idea.

  3. It’s evil. It’s the standard run-up we all know so well– “I’m a total patriot and a gun owner….BUT…” In this case it’s a bit more extreme though.

    I’ll fix it;
    “Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage are at the heart of those who I am trying to destroy today.”

    Also note, after the run-up to throw you off guard and get you on her side, she tossed out the zinger, “severe mental illness” to describe those who she claimed to love and respect so deeply.

    She’s on the wrong side is all. Everything else that those of her alliance say or do flows from that simple fact. They’re sociopaths.

    They remember the Battle of Athens, TN, or the concept of “Wait ’till the Boys Come Home” lives as a grinding fear in their hearts.

    The take-away in this case is that it proves to us that the corrupt among us are afraid of American veterans. We knew that already, but if anyone was on the fence, well, get off the fence.

    Our government is afraid of American veterans for good reasons. Let’s endeavor to expand on that concept, that out of fear for the righteous, the corrupt should shrink into the shadows where they belong.

    At the moment the corrupt are getting uppity. And that won’t do.

    • It’s easy to say on the internet or on the radio that “I’m a Republican and voted the straight ticket for 50 years, but now I’m voting for Hillary”*, or whatever the Leftist Thug du jour is.
      On “Theguncounter.com” a member who calls himself Randy wrote: “Whenever someone says, ‘I support the Second Amendment, but — ‘, everything that came before the “but” is a lie.”

      *If that were ever true, it would be a reversal of one’s world-outlook (Weltanschaung) of such radical dimensions that the person probably should have a minder, his mind has gone so completely.

  4. Ah. “Lindsey Donovan, an Army veteran married to an active-duty soldier, is a volunteer leader for the Georgia chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, part of Everytown for Gun Safety.”

  5. Strange as it may seem, she is pretty close to the mindset of those in positions of leadership of the various military branches. They absolutely despise and fear their lower ranks being armed, on duty or off.

    I originally thought this sort of mentality was a result of officers getting fragged in ‘Nam for gross stupidity, but there are WW2 stories of our soldiers being disarmed after battles on Pacific Islands, and then being overrun by Japanese forces that had been uncommitted reserves.
    Which just goes to show that institutional thinking, military or civilian, doesn’t change over time. That, and the military is incapable of learning from mistakes.

    • It’s the intrinsic fear and loathing “elites” have of the plebs. We are all ignorant, stupid, expendable, interchangeable abstractions to them, when they think about us at all.

      One of the reasons Trump did so well is that he’s comfortable with the average guy, and it shows.

    • If you know the system is poised to fall on you like a ton of bricks for the actions of your subordinates, supporting their personal liberty becomes less inviting.

  6. What is so wrong with the logic is that she assumes that the EO impacted only those with “severe mental illness” and it does no such thing. It gives the capricious authority to rule on this to some dumb ass bureaucrat, who is most likely a stupid Democrat and gun-hater.

    Gee, I wonder what the results of that will be?

    She mistakenly thinks that these bureaucrat drones have the capacity to determine anything about the mental state of anybody. They are utterly unqualified to do so. She is likewise utterly unqualified. She needs to STFU.

    • Yes, she has more confidence in anonymous, invisible doctrinaire ignorant, dumbass bureaucrats than they should be afforded, given the past hundred years of history.

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