9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Rasputin2112

  1. no you don’t. I have dozens of them, and I haven’t felt any bigger than I have since I completed puberty.

    ….and I check fairly often! 🙂

  2. And so, Rasputin, does this mean you’re going to use your “impressive” pecker as a weapon against an armed criminal bent on taking your life? Let us know how that works out for you.

  3. Let’s see now. Spend thousands upon thousands of dollars of either taxpayer or insurance dollars on sexual reassignment surgery, so I can feel better about my pecker, or lack thereof. Even better, go on TV and blab about it to anyone who does or doesn’t care. Social Hero, awards and accolades from the SJW community.

    Cost no one but myself a few hundred dollars to buy a gun so I can feel better about my pecker. Social Pariah. Evil, racist, child-murdering psychopath.

    Even for the moment assuming that these chuckleheads are speaking the truth, their insults are still inconsistent with the rest of their world view.

  4. “Can you drive a six inch spike with your penis?”
    “Not right now.”
    “Too bad”

  5. “Would assault-weapon ban help prevent mass shootings?”

    First; aside from being grammatically flawed, that’s a stupid question. More likely it would encourage additional mass shootings. “Fish in a barrel” and all. Mainly though; the right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental human right, and human rights are not contingent upon outcomes. The question starts with a goal (disarmament of The People so as to make them more controllable) and then fabricates a flimsy premise (a lie based on a lie) to justify it.

    The very question reveals a corrupt mind– One that presumes an authority, responsibility and power to determine outcomes beyond the protection of human rights. It’s anti-American in its foundation, and I reject the premise before hearing of the question. It is tantamount to asking; “Would legalized rape be in any way beneficial to society?” There are certain questions you simply do not ponder seriously (much less make public) unless you have a pathological mind – the mind of a criminal.

    • A ban didn’t prevent a mass shooting in Hungerford or a number of other places, each with mor stringent restrictions on every aspect of gun ownership, so, Mr. Rasputin, why do you and others of your ilk hate children so much that you try at every turn to put them in danger?

  6. It’s not about “feelings” Rasputin2112.

    It’s about human dignity and freedom. I am armed to protect myself and other innocent people and to resist tyranny.

    I bet that Rasputin2112 is all down with the government confiscating my wealth at the end of a barrel (the IRS is a mean SOB) and using it for his own comfort. You know like “free” education, “free” healthcare, “free” housing, a “living wage” and so on. He is likely the exact type of tyrant that I have to protect myself from.

    • And that redistribution is good for you, too, doncha know?
      You can sleep easy at night knowing that your money is used to house the homeless, heal the sick, feed the foodless, and provide a humane system of halfway houses for the people who are mentally ill and unable to avoid burgling, robbing, and killing. And that last may not help you sleep to easy at night.

      • I would say 1% of what the government confiscates is used for good. The rest is graft, political favors, and for incompetence. So, no, it does not make me safer in the least.

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