Quote of the day—Peyton Spanbauer

In my complete and honest opinion, there is no need for guns so long as other guns or weapons aren’t present. Who needs or wants to bring a gun to school for any reason other than violence? Who needs to bring a gun everywhere they go? The purpose of having a gun is for protection, and in a world without guns, there would be no reason at its presence.

Peyton Spanbauer
February 13, 2017
Spanbauer: The case for stricter gun-control
[I wonder what color the sky is in her universe. Because in her universe before there were guns there was no violent crime.

Total crap for brains.

And don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. That’s almost as logical as saying there is no use for vehicles with powerful engines except racing, so in order to reduce NASCAR fatalities we should eliminate all cars.

  2. Well, I think Ms Spanbauer should consider the way the world was before guns. And since I have some historical perspective about how this fantasy goes, we’ll also have to consider the world before crossbows, longbows, swords, spears, clubs… maybe I’m stretching a bit on clubs, because any rigid object that can be hefted in one or two hands can be a club at least once. You’d have to ban trees, you know, for the children.

    So, picture it, Ms Spanbauer: no guns, no knives, just you and someone else in a place. Could be any place. And the other person is bigger and faster than you. That person is close enough that at your lesser rate of speed, you couldn’t get a solid door between you and that person before they caught you. You’re gonna do whatever that person says.

    Oh, let’s say you call or text me, your good friend. And I come a-running. Sure, I’ve already pushed forty hard enough that it fell over, and I’m a bit soft around the middle, but in a world without guns I know what the score is, and I’ve been doing an hour of weight training every day. (You’re not the only one that can pretend in your fantasy world, toots.) So I come tear-assing around the corner to come to your aid, huffing and puffing (because weight training is more fun than cardio, c’mon, I’m not pretending that hard on your behalf) and I come through the door, and I see that person who is bigger and stronger and faster than you and I say,

    “Peyton… you’re gonna do what that person wants you to do.”

    And I leave, shaking my head. Because a world without guns belongs to the young with muscles, who can bounce back from a fight. I don’t bounce anymore, and I can’t afford the month of recovery that would result from me winning, not even considering the possibility that I lose. If you make a deal with someone that can protect you… you’re gonna do what that person wants you to do. Hope that special someone is nice, but incentives still matter in a world of calloused knuckles, and anyone strong enough to protect you is also strong enough to oppress you, AT THE SAME TIME. (Hey… that sounds familiar…)

    • …or three guys or a muslim horde or whatever disparity of force.

      Truly lives in the rainbow farts, unicorns and fantasy world.

  3. I’m going to go with the “sweet, but stupid” category (kindest category).

    It’s like the COEXIST bumper sticker people ignoring that the crescent C people want to saw their heads off with a rusty dull knife.

    Crap for brains.

  4. My usual response to such is “Rome? Mongols? Chin Empire? Triple Alliance? Huns? Ever hear of any of them? Piles of bodies, and not a firearm in existence.

    Or, more recently, there’s Rwanda, where the bodies were piled up with machetes, little or no use of firearms.

    And you actually think getting rid of guns would get rid of violence?”

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