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But if sanctuary out of compassion is ok, then sanctuary out of respect for the constitution is fine too.

They wanted lawlessness, they can have lawlessness.

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February 13, 2017
Comment to Oregon counties’ gun measures spark debate Second Amendment ‘sanctuary counties’ sought
[Well, to be technically correct, respect for the constitution is not lawlessness. But that doesn’t make for as good a sound-bite.—Joe]


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  1. Technically correct: the best kind of correct.

    They promulgated the idea of “prosecution free zones” for marijuana, and immigration. Having seen that idea stand without effective challenge opens up the nation for other kinds of “prosecution free zones”.

    How about a “prosecution free zone” for polygamy/polyandry?

    Or an NFA-nullified zone?

    Or a “we don’t recognize the EPA, DoEd, DEA or DOE as legitimate exercises of federal power” zones?

    Or an income tax nullification zone, or perhaps an alternate income tax zone, where the rates and exemptions are different while the revenue is the same?

    Having allowed the precedent when it is convenient, you’ll find that the precedent will also stand when inconvenient. I think Harry Reid and all the national Democrat leadership are kicking themselves over that little revelation now.

  2. Sanctuary for enemy invaders is never OK. Compassion for one’s countrymen demands vigilance against such.

    The radical left (now the Democrat Party leadership) understands all of this perfectly, and they push to aid and abet the enemy, hating their fellow countrymen while hiding behind the pretense of compassion.

    I’ve come to realize that the Democrat Party never gave up fighting the Civil War. Their generals “surrendered” and they largely puit away the arms (officially) but their mindset never changed. America still has that same enemy within. So it is that I’ll henceforth refer to the Civil War period as being from 1861 to present, although technically it was already in play at the time of the founding in 1776.

  3. “If they want lawlessness they can have lawlessness.”
    Ok, but they have to keep it to themselves. It should be contained in their homes and be as visible in the public square as they want the Constitution, conservatism, Republicans, non-leftust ideas and Judaism and Christianity.

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