Quote of the day—Defens

Once the Trump death squads start patrolling and the cattle cars full of liberals start rolling to the concentration camps, I’m sure the panic-buying will kick in on the other side, initiating Gun Culture 3.0.

January 24, 2017
Comment to Quote of the day—Lawrence Keane
[It is, of course, a joke.

Nevertheless, as always, I’ll be glad to teach liberals how to shoot.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Defens

  1. The problem with crying wolf is that eventually you will cry about a real wolf.

    What will, or could, the leftists do should an actual fascist anti-progressive take power? Other than be herded onto the train cars, of course.

    That they are so impotently enraged, and don’t recognize their impotence nor the derangement of their rage, is problematic for the success of civil society.

    • Saying “fascist anti-progressive” is a bit like saying “communist, anti Marxist” however. It makes no sense.

      President Trump, regardless whether you love him or hate him, does in fact speak the language of National Socialism, and therefore, since the American Principles of Liberty are no longer on the table for discussion, anyone can come up with government-made disaster scenarios with some credibility.

      I see no reason to make fun of it at this stage. My conversations with Democrats center around the American Principles, how they’ve been set aside, and how we’ve become, essentially, Europe, no longer arguing about WHETHER, but only about HOW, AND WITH WHAT PRIORITIES our government will be the Central Planning Authority. I get no argument.

    • I have heard some of them claim that when Trump does this to Muslims (I’m pretty sure that won’t happen, but that’s beside the point), they will register themselves as such in protest/solidarity.

      This is of course the worst possible thing one could do if one wants to be at all helpful in such a situation.

      Perhaps it speaks to a deep-seated need for victimhood? In that case, wouldn’t that very situation be a leftist’s dream come true? (note: in no way do I advocate such actions.)

      If so, would they even try to fight back?

  2. “Nevertheless, as always, I’ll be glad to teach liberals how to shoot.”

    As much as I understand the sentiment, a) I don’t feel they are innocent enough nor really possible to be converted, at least most of them. b) Screw ’em: They paid their monies, they take their chances with their choices.

    I know, I am an ***hole.

    • Not at all. As an NRA instructor, I’m generally pleased to teach almost anyone who comes to me how to operate a firearm safely and effectively. However, an FFL is legally obligated to deny sales to known felons, and has the moral, if not legal, obligation to not sell to someone obviously unhinged.

      In the same vein, I’m happy to teach a liberal Democrat how to shoot – even if they voted for Hillary. But some deranged Hipster, wearing a “pussy hat” and spitting invective about how I should be killed for my political views? You are on your own, Dude. I’d be as likely to teach a class of Taliban students.

  3. Never ceases to amaze how the left is incessantly bleating claims about the right that in reality are the things THEY WOULD DO given the opportunity.
    It was leftists icon, Obama mentor and violent felon Bill Ayers who stated openly
    that if they came to power it would be necessary to round up millions of citizens for reeducation and that about 10% of society would be beyond salvage and would need to be eliminated.

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