The New York Times Editorial Board claims Europe Takes a Braver Stance on Gun Control. They tell us:

The proposals, which are headed toward a final vote by members next year, would extend bans on semiautomatic assault weapons to more models, institute medical checks for gun buyers, tighten sales on the internet and track the resale of guns to foil black-market dealers.

The final compromise did not ban all of the most dangerous semiautomatic weapons, like the AK-47, as some nations wanted, nor limit ammunition magazines to 10 cartridges for all of them.

Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.

As well as other errors such as saying there were 300K homicides (most were suicides and many were justifiable homicides) committed with guns in the last ten years in this country they are wrong about Europe being “brave”.  They further claim  that in the United States, “Congressional leaders, unfortunately, show no sign of mustering the courage of the Europeans.”

This is clearly in error. Courage would be the NYT Editorial Board taking point on the door to door enforcements of the bans they advocate for.

I’d even give them partial credit for being “brave” and “courageous” if they were to tell the truth when they write about guns. But since I haven’t seen anything approaching that from them in the last 20 years it is unlikely they will develop the integrity or courage anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “Courage

  1. Carlos Slim’s Blog is a bought-and-paid-for leftist propaganda organ, with no relationship to an actual news organization. When you realize it’s mission is to push a narrative beneficial to foreign billionaires, the things it prints make sense. Viewed from any other perspective the things it says are somewhere between risible and self-parody.

  2. Well, well, well. Things haven’t been voted yet.

    EU gun owners are still fighting the EU commission’s push for gun control, especially the magazine ban.

    Semi-auto rifles converted from automatic rifles (ie: surplus) are in trouble.

    We’ve been able to kill an “AWB” based on looks, hence the push for restrictions on magazines.

    Contrast between freedom-hating decrepit Western Europe and Eastern Europe is glaring. Eastern Europe still has vivid memories from what’s down the statist road.
    I’m pretty ashamed W.Europe is dragging E.Europe down in that shit show.

    This should be a warning to US gun owners. You’ve scored major victories through hard work, but freedom haters will always come back. Defend the culture (take non gun owners to the range, esp in restrictive states) so that gun ownership becomes and stays mainstream.

  3. I’ll assume they will soon ban lorries with more than 3 wheels to eliminate crowd crashers.

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