Quote of the day—Neve Campbell

But his honesty is terrifying.

Neve Campbell
March 1, 2016
‘House Of Cards’ Star Neve Campbell Admits She’s ‘Terrified Of Donald Trump White House Victory’
[Via email from Jeff.

Well, to be fair, as a supporter of the political left I can see how something so unfamiliar to her could be frightening.—Joe]


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  1. They fear change? Can’t tolerate anyone who’s different? Closed-minded, clinging to their old ways? These things we’re accused of all the time seem to be true of the left. Projection.

    Then again, I maintain the Progressives won this election until it’s proven otherwise. Right now it’s all theoretical and imaginary, from all sides.

    • Indeed, it is projection, and all the gnashing of teeth, wailing, weeping and chanting gibberish on the streets reveal what these people really think about the legality of all those Executive Orders and administrative actions and executive agreements Obama was making when he was President of “all the people” and the mean ol’ Republicans were being the party of No.

      • I don’t recall the Republicans doing much of anything, so being the Party Of No can only be another false accusation. If the stumblefucks had brain one among them, they’d come back with; “We’re the party of Yes – to liberty” but alas, they haven’t brain one, and don’t care about liberty any more than does a Democrat.

    • Please forgive me if I’ve told this story before…

      There was an election in Israel, not long after Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated. (He was a good man; I’ll admit I didn’t care much for him or his politics.) His widow, Leah Rabin, made a big fuss about how people should vote for Rabin’s Labor party, in his name… and that, if Labor didn’t win, she seriously planned to leave the country.

      Israelis don’t take kindly to that sort of emotional blackmail. She apparently woke up the next morning and found hundreds of empty suitcases on her doorstep. Bluff: called!

  2. Hollywood is an industry built on lies. There is not much truth told in that town. For the most part, actors are paid to tell lies, and be good at it.
    So, yeah, they don’t deal with much truth, and therefore don’t have much experience with it. Their lives become a fantasy both at work and home.

    I find it interesting that some of the best, longest lasting actors and other hollywood types, stay as far away from there as they can. They also seem to be more on the right side of the political arena. I wonder if there is a connection there? For that matter, has anyone ever done research on the subject?
    Hollywood, like politics, attracts a similar type of person. Both groups have a very high percentage of left-handers, for instance. This similarity may explain their affinity for each other, and the fact that actors seem to move so easily into politics when they retire.

  3. Everyone is afraid of Trump. Either they know something about what they would have done had Trump lost, or they’re all like the girl your co-worker wants to fix you up with, “She’s a nice, level-headed, pretty girl, good-natured, not crazy. . .Oh, but don’t wear plaid, she’s afraid of plaid.”

    • Well, not everyone, obviously, but all the Leftists, and they’re having a — whatever the term is, not shadenfreude– but a high old time pretending to be living through the German elections of 1932 and claiming the clairvoyance of Winston Churchill and the courage of Robert Goulet in his James Bond-inspired Blue Light TV series.

      • Tucker Carlson, a few evenings ago, had a wonderful time tearing apart a CEO with an inflated ego who said he would not do business with Trump supporters. His reasoning is that Trump is a fascist so he had to take action, unlike those in Germany in 1933. Tucker asked him repeatedly why he wasn’t taking up arms, but of course he didn’t get an answer.

  4. If honesty is terrifying to you, I really hope you do not vote, nor have any influence on anyone. Or, for that matter, have children.

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