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The writers did a great job tying the seemingly insignificant Weiner subplot into the season finale. Excellent use of foreshadowing and I’m excited to see what they can come up with next season.

October 29, 2016
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[This has to be the funniest thing I have read or heard about this election.—Joe]


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  1. Funny, yes. Sad and pathetic as well.

    Limbaugh has often said that “liberals” (who oppose liberty, making the term ironic) are hilarious, so long as they’re not in power. MI find that observation to be spot on.

    Progressives (Marxists) can be funny, if you like tragic comedy. They’re funny in the same way a drunk can be funny– Just don’t ever give him the car keys, or let him babysit your children, operate power machinery, hold public office, etc.

  2. All it needs is the Trump tweat from about a year ago saying that Weiner was going to blow it all for Clinton.

  3. Sadly I cannot take credit for the joke. I got it from something similar I saw on Twitter.

  4. Quite funny.

    I can’t help but imagine the drunken sobbing in the writer’s room for House of Cards. Nothing they could imagine would be as dark and twisty as the current state of politics. HoC has gone from a dark mirror of contemporary politics to a sunny, optimistic take on the subject.

  5. An interesting bit of projection here, the Dems are saying that for the Republicans, Director Comey was an awful person last month, but this month he’s a fine fellow. The reality is of course, to the Dems at each time, he was and is the exact opposite (Damn him anyway, can’t he even stay bought?).

    • The WSJ had a good editorial on Comey, essentially arguing (without using those words) that he always was and always will be a self-serving weasel. What he’s doing right now (but is bound to fail at) is trying to avoid the personal ruin he so plainly deserves.

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