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Fact is stranger than Fiction –

FBI investigates the husband of a close aide of Clinton who allegedly was sexting pics of his d*** to an underage girl and surprise surprise, they come across what can only be classified information on his phone or tablet. Now that rigged & closed email investigation into Clintons server has been re-opened and everyone wants to know whats going on.

You couldn’t make it up in a novel…

October 28, 2016
Comment to Hillary Clinton emails: Is the new FBI investigation the bombshell that delivers the presidency to Donald Trump?
[Yup. Because fiction has to make sense.

This could be one for the history books.—Joe]


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  1. The writers did a great job tying the seemingly insignificant Weiner subplot into the season finale. Excellent use of foreshadowing and I’m excited to see what they can come up with next season.

  2. kind of a hoot, ain’t it. weiner’s wiener & hillary’s email. and, her little “aide de camp” who is receiving and distributing top secret documents.

    you think the rooskies haven’t been on to this since the beginning? laughing. i do, and i know it, to the bone.

    the onliest thing left is for billie boy’s computer to get in on things.

  3. Anyone who actually believes anything will come from this newest revelation is
    delusional. The ENTIRE SYSTEM is rigged. Trump only bragged about shooting someone and still getting elected…..the Clinton body count is approaching 5 dozen and counting. This is nothing, the DNC and the media will insure it goes NOWHERE.

    • This game might have more rigging than a fleet of clipper ships. But at some point, the little kid points out the emperor has no clothes…. the pin is pulled, and Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend. Suddenly, everyone is diving for cover, seeking only to save their own asses, because there isn’t a carcass big enough to jump on the grenade and smother the explosion. Throw an Anthony Weiner sized body under the bus, and the body has a problem. Try to throw an elephant body under the bus, and the bus has a problem.

      Now that I’ve pegged my metaphor limit for the morning, I’m going to go pop some popcorn. And you can order your Trumpslide tee shirts here.

    • On “shooting someone” — I saw a “people in the street” interview yesterday, where the interviewer asked Iowa voters about the impact, if any, these most recent events have on their vote. One said, in those exact words, that he was still voting for Hilary and that no news short of murder would change his mind.

  4. Somebody worked hard behind the scenes. Presumably somebody at FBI, who was mad that they couldn’t seize all of Clinton’s computers and all of Huma’s computers in the first place.

    I expect they far exceeded their orders, and went against explicit orders, to find the classified information. And they probably had to break the law by sending it over non-secure channels, to be able to prove its existence enough to force Comey’s hand. So they will probably be fired and jailed over it.

    It only looks comical and random, because of how wide the conspiracy is.

    • Current analysis is that the Weiner investigation was being done out of the New York FBI office, not the central FBI office where Comey could put a thumb on it. If he tried to put the kibosh on it, the seething furious rank-and-file FBI agents were going to develop a sudden bout of ‘whoops, we leaked it’.

      Somebody better put Weiner under protective custody and start looking for an non-extradition country. Huma’s beard is already at risk of Arkancide for making Hillary’s BFF look bad. If Hillary wins, some day, he’ll accidentally fall down a malfunctioning elevator shaft onto a pile of bullets so hard they’ll come out the front of his chest and embed themselves in the shaft wall opposite the door at the fifteenth floor. If she loses, the VBIED that takes him out will have a 2014 vintage Hillary-for-prez sticker on it.

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