Meme trolling

2016 may be the year parody became impossible.

Draft your daughter

Because “equality.” Or something.

It takes trolling to a whole new level. Most bizarre election ever. The “humor” category tag is invoked, but it’s dark, very dark, humor. It’s like a Mobius strip written in LISP, a recursive self-referential redaction of a caricature of reality.


6 thoughts on “Meme trolling

  1. That started out as weird and quickly crossed over into creepy. As an attempt at humorous political commentary it misses the mark. I suspect that so much use of Hillary’s trademarks might be on pretty shaky legal ground.

    • Some of them are creepy. But as a mental amygdala-hyjack for an emotionally-driven person, they are great. It forces them to react, to react badly, for some to just shut down and give up. It stirs up cognitive dissonance. It’s not dialectic, it’s rhetoric aimed at those who are incapable of logic.

    • Trademark? No issue there. That’s fair use — commentary and parody. Now if you sell the poster, or make a T-shirt, it might be somewhat iffy. That assumes that silly H with the arrow pointing in the wrong direction is an actual trademark in the first place.

  2. It looks like a professional job – a fair smear-job idea that was stupidly over-produced. Then the PAC realized there was no media where they could publish it, so it just gets posted in a Reddit Trump confirmation-bias-pressure-cooker sub ~
    This must demonstrate a corollary to Poe’s Law that I haven’t known.
    I think they’ve drawn a line demarking those who can recognize cognitive dissonance (Rolf), and those who are blind to it in the real world?
    How did you ‘happen’ to come-across this, Joe?
    Maybe I will vote Trump- his war will last about 90 minutes, and there won’t be a government left to draft Anybody after that – 😉

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