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  1. Is he safe?


    Over a ten minute police response time on average and no requirement per SCOTUS.

    Just like there are no atheists in foxholes; few liberals remain anti-gun after a close encounter with the Dark Side agents.

  2. That brings the question then; against what, exactly, do we need any “fortitude” (testicular or otherwise)? Stone is at least acknowledging that there are threats of some kind in the world, no?

    Also, it is worth considering the common usage of the word “feel” which stands in direct opposition to the word “be”.

    No, Young Grasshopper; one should not seek to “Feel” safe, or “Feel” good, or “Feel” alright, but to be safe, be good, or be alright. Feelings are generally worthless at best, whereas knowing and being are paramount to life.

    To alter the famous lyrics from Bob Marley then, just a little bit; “…Let’s, get, together and, Be…Alright…” now gives us a good message.

  3. I can’t resist adding more.

    My firearms are merely one layer of protection I provide for my family.

    First, I am an informed voter, I pay taxes and I support the military and the police.

    Next, I do not do illegal and stupid things and have a 401k and so on for financial security. I have insurance and wear my seat belt and I have fire extinguishers and smoke/CO detectors.

    Then, I have an alarm system, an escape plan, bug out bags, TASERS, OC, knives, fighting sticks, and finally firearms.

    That’s called responsibility and being prepared and that is what an adult does. Mr. Stone stops short and criticizes the last step, which is perhaps the most important step because it cannot be replaced. When you NEED a firearm, you really NEED a firearm. I hope he never needs one because his misplaced and erroneous moral certitude might cost him his very life.

  4. I seriously doubt he could demonstrate the testicular fortitude he requires of others if he were to meet one of these Orcs Braden Lynch refers to so accurately as “Dark Side agents.”
    Timothy Treadwell, the “Grizzly Man” from Malibu California who was famously eaten by the grizzly bears he sat with and communed with in Alaska once said he would be honored to become part of the noble bear, when he was warned about the great hazard he ran. But when fang and claw met the Timothy, he screamed for his girlfriend to bring the rifle. William Stone talks the same brave talk, but unlike Treadwell, he wants others to be the brave ones.

  5. I think these posts have made their point.

    We know what they think of us, and I think that continuing the meme will make them think we CARE what they think.

    I don’t care what they think of me, do you?

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