Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

In the second video of James O’Keefe’s new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale. Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years:


6 thoughts on “Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

  1. When truth is your mortal enemy, anything goes. I would not expect this sort of thing to sway the average Democrat voter. It comes to that old saw, “They may be dirty, rotten, cheating bastards, but they’re OUR dirty, rotten, cheating bastards. If they can wipe out those fucking asshole Republicans, then more power to them!”

    At least someone is fighting for what they believe in, right? Too bad they believe in lies, graft, coercion, persecution, and all other manner of authoritarian behavior.

    What’s the national budget? It’s several trillions of dollars. We know some of the horrible things people have done for less. People have been killed, it is said, for a pair of shoes. What sort of hell might you think can be unleashed for several trillions of dollars PER YEAR, and all the coercive power that goes with the position?

    Now that some of this stuff is out in public, consider what they might do to keep from being prosecuted for it, in addition to what they’re doing for the money and power.

    They have our money, and Soros’ money, and support from several foreign enemies of America, they own most of the courts, most of the media, have looming control over the internet, they own the surveillance network and the “education” system, and what do we have?

    We have several hundred, drunken, scared, un-principled, weak, or full-on Progressive, faltering, fumbling marshmallows formerly known as the Republican Party. They want to avoid anything difficult. They didn’t sign up for this. They just wanted their own offices and the attention and status, and maybe a few girls, and their own cocktail parties now and then. Surely they can avoid doing anything difficult for another term, or two….They’re more likely to turn on us than to turn on the cheating Democrats. The Democrats don’t demand much of them. We do. That makes us their enemies, and relatively speaking that makes the Democrats their friends.

    This news will mainly just ramp up the crazy curve then. We are fast reaching the point, if we aren’t there already, where no one in government will dare go after them for such crimes, or they’ll be bought off with our money, and in that case we have a Third-World-style, tin horn regime, run by gangs.

    It’s happened before, lots of places. There’s no magic preventing it from happening here.

    Meanwhile, anyone talking about America’s founding principles is being drowned out by “pussy talk” and other accusations, or we’re being put down as “extremists”.

    SO; how do we win this thing? What is “this thing” which we are trying to win? Are we trying to win or are we trying to get other people pissed off even more than they are already?

    Anyone? Can anyone define what winning looks like, or are we too caught-up in the current scandal news and this election campaign between two collectivists?

    • Winning looks like having politicians and government employees far too scared to not do the best job they possibly can, because their names, locations, actions, and jobs are publicly known.

      What the opponents of Big Government have in an information problem. Specifically, the massive numbers of employees are anonymous within the huge bureaucracy of State. If you are constantly getting screwed over, and can’t take it any more, there isn’t any way to identify the paper-shuffler(s) who are screwing with you. The bureaucrats are fat and happy and far away. When the building permit gets stamped “denied” or “rules changed, pay another fee and try again,” there isn’t any identifiable person who made that decision. There isn’t any accountability for the person who made the rule. There isn’t any specific target to sue, or talk to, or anything. If a mega-bank screws you and thousands of others over and you all lose a house, shooting a teller who had nothing to do with it is very counter-productive for all concerned. But finding out the names/locations of the bad actors is very difficult, and communicating with them the potential negative consequences to them is problematic, even if you could.

      • And herein we have the reason quite a large number of them haven’t been shot or otherwise removed from consideration. And why those at the “top” have armed guards and are working hard at disarming everyone else.

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