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@JJVP10 @micahsgrrl @DavidRGreen_ @Mimi_ftw @wallsofthecity THE NEED TO IMPREGNATE SOMEONE W/ THAT TINY DICK YOU MEAN? YOU WON’T-NO WORRIES!

YouWildman‏ @youwildman
Tweeted on February 8, 2016
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via a tweet from Linoge.

Bonus follow up:

@youwildman @JJVP10 @micahsgrrl @DavidRGreen_ @Mimi_ftw @wallsofthecity And 15 MILLION women are compensating for ?


Dan Roberts ‏@DRoberts556
Tweeted on February 8, 2016

@DRoberts556 @JJVP10 @micahsgrrl @DavidRGreen_ @Mimi_ftw @wallsofthecity same thing; tiny white penises

YouWildman ‏@youwildman
Tweeted on February 8, 2016

I find it very telling that we have tens of millions of people exercising their specific, enumerated, right to keep and bear arms, supported by SCOTUS decisions, and our opponents are fixated on their delusions regarding genitalia.—Joe]


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  1. Delusion is a powerful thing. It can rule the world. Why are you so opposed to something that clearly works so well?

    Also, if our argument is that we have rights enumerated in the constitution and supported by SCOTUS then all the Progressives need is either a different constitution or a different court– Problem solved. Now you have no rights and no argument. Then they can say, “We have SCOTUS and hundreds of governments worldwide who agree with us, and all you have is…”

  2. what was it we used to say in high school — “the fox smells his own hole first.” something along that line.

    in short, the accuser usually accuses himself first.

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