Quote of the day—Gretchen Gardner

I’m at the breaking point.

It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes. I have voted for every park, every library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that will make this city better. But now I can’t afford to live here anymore. I’ll protest my appraisal notice, but that’s not enough. Someone needs to step in and address the big picture.

Gretchen Gardner
May 2014
Surge in property tax bills spurs push to reform tax appraisal process
[I’m not sure I’ve seen a better case for the “Crap For Brains” category.

As Margret Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” But this bimbo can’t seem to comprehend this even when she is the one running out of money.

The big picture is that people this stupid shouldn’t be allowed to vote.—Joe]


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  1. Some kind soul should put her on a shelf that gets natural light and water her once a week.

  2. It’s worse than you talk about with running out of other people’s money. That is too abstract. She cannot, quite literally, connect cause and effect when they are exactly one step apart. It is like being flummoxed by the connection between letting go of a ball and having it fall to the ground, even though she can describe what gravity does.

    Is her picture to the left of the “bell curve” definition and illustration?

    • In her defense, the educational system does not teach its pupils how to reason from A to B to C, so it should not be a surprise that she can’t make even the jump from A to B. Logic and argument is not taught except as set piece battles where the teacher presents his or her beliefs against the students as unarmed and unprepared opponents. Science likewise is taught, not by the scientific method, but as a series of assertions supported by experiments that demonstrate the assertion. This is how religion is taught, with an assertion supported by a statement of authority and some sort of illustration from real life that allegedly supports the assertion. No wonder every warm day is a data point in favor of Global Warming but every unseasonably cold Summer day is irrelevant to the theory/hypothesis of Global Warming, and no wonder this woman can’t make the jump in logic from A to B.

      • And indeed, it is specifically the intent of the “educational” system not to teach these things. It’s hard to have compliant subjects once they’ve been allowed to use their own brains for their design purpose.

  3. Geeze! All these things she voted for cost money, and even when it’s a small amount for everyone, that small amount adds up to an effect that she finds to be not what she wants.
    She thought all these things she voted for had no effect, as if it was only monopoly money; as if when one formed a corporation one was issued a printing press in the basement to print money, so it did not matter what the things she voted for would actually cost, so long as that cost was borne by a “corporation”, or by “rich people”; there would be no bad effect in the real world, so vote for it!

  4. Surely that quote is a parody. It MUST be parody. It has all the stereotypical idiot indicators, including light rail. No. That has to be someone fairly bright doing parody, exaggerating the butt-stupid nature of rank and file Progressives.

    On the other hand, there was a politician seriously warning us that an island would “capsize” if too many people went there and weighed it down. Then there was Danny Glover telling us that our failure to sign the Kyoto Accords angered Gaya and made her send a hurricane to hit Haiti in retaliation.

    You can’t make up shit like that because no one would believe that a human being could be that stupid. The actors and politicians have to come right out and say it or no one would ever believe it. The posted quote here is more like something someone would make up as parody.

    • Unfortunately, it’s all too true. The article is from 2014. It was in the non-MSM news a lot at the time, with people so gobsmacked they thought as you, that it must be a joke. Nope. It was for real. Utter disconnect from the reality of “action —> consequence”.

      Yes, people that superficially appear to be smart enough to be functional adults can really be that jaw-droppingly stupid.

  5. “The big picture is that people this stupid shouldn’t be allowed to vote.—Joe”

    Yes, it would be interesting to see election outcomes once the voter pool was diminished by 90%.

    • Wouldn’t that be interesting? Robert Heinlein proposed limiting the vote to only those people who could factor a quadratic equation in the voting booth before they voted. Assuming it was limited to integers, that could be done.

  6. How can these people function. I don’t understand. They read, perform well on the job, many make six figures. I’m baffled.

    Haven’t seen you for a couple of days sir, I re-posted this at #Gab. Hope you don’t mind.


    • How can these people function and make money? Like Clever Hans, the one trick pony that could apparently do simple arithmetic, they are good at something that brings them food and shelter and other goodies. Remember, Will Rogers said that there was nothing more ignorant than an educated man outside the area of his education. This woman could be college-educated, she could be good at her job/career, but for what she must know to properly vet (my that word is in the news a lot these last few months) applicants for the jobs of being her representatives, she is completely ignorant. As I alluded earlier, the things one must know in order to be an informed and responsible citizen are completely outside her area of education. She might as well be a ten-year-old in the voting booth.

  7. If we circle back to firearms, we can see how surprised criminals are when a CCW holder shoots them dead. They think that GFZs and strict licensing restrictions will make their jobs safer and so they can run amok (until they run across a sheepdog).

    We need to continue to make their jobs miserable so that robberies, rapes, home invasions, car jacking, and murders become as rare as unicorns. It will also reduce the enthusiasm from the ROP.

    To do that, we need the GD Democrats (i.e. the party that has gun control plank so no whining about it) to sit down and shut up and let the adults embrace the Second Amendment.

  8. Austin is the single most liberal bastion in Texas. It’s citizens have a motto of “keep Austin weird”. That probably tells you most of what you need to know right there.

    The Legislature has comparatively little to do with property taxes here. This is not a legislative problem, it is a city problem.

    • The problem is that some of the inmates have escaped, and are now infecting other Texas towns.

  9. I bet she would be even more shocked to find that only a tiny percent of the money of that which she “voted-for” actually got to to it’s supposedly intended target. Down south here, every bill that comes out of Sacramento ginned up by the One-Party Stupidslature has lawyer-writing in the fine print that says essentially, “Or for whatever we choose.” Hey, how about the billions spent on that High Speed Rail!?!?! Hahahaha.

    • Locally, we had a ballot measure to increase taxes to fund road maintenance. The city was spending 4 million a year to do maintenance, and needed 7 million. The ballot measure passed and raises 5 million a year, but spending isn’t 9 million. Why? The city allocated the original 4 million from the general fund to other things.
      In the end it wasn’t really a road maintenance tax, just a tax increase. As most of these targeted taxes are.

      • Are “targeted taxes” ever non-fiction?

        I view them as I do the mythical “social security trust fund” — a tangle of words designed for the specific purpose of misleading those who aren’t aware what’s being done to them.

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