Pushed out the Overton Window

The Overton Window is the range of “acceptable thought” in ordinary public life. One of the goals of the left is to simply push any ideas they don’t like outside the Overton Window. They do this by Bowderizing books, by harassment, name-calling, shaming, and double standards. But most importantly by using language; by declaring some words or phrases  “beyond the pale,” and as such, anyone who says, uses, or believes them is likewise beyond the pale, is a common tactic. (ever wonder where “Pale” was, so you’d know where to avoid? (first meaning)).

To the left, words, and feelings of the moment, are far more important than actual actions, logic, or consequences. they are in a surreal place where your perceptions define reality. They really think that it does depend on what the meaning of “is,” is. And they feel it’s totally OK to redefine it on the fly, and differently for different people. So, to leftist followers, simply an assertion that someone is racists / sexist / whateverist is grounds for shunning and more.

Anyway, we now see this is full force in the all out media-assault against Trump. They are scared, and see this election as do-or-die.

The question: are the media and political pundits really that stupid (and/or so deep in the echo-chamber they can’t tell the difference), or are they missing the point deliberately and knowingly reporting lies? This report at the Washington Post typifies it: in the video clip, the speaker talks about how Trump has made it all about himself, not about the party. It’s him against everyone, etc., etc.

But that’s precisely the problem. The party elites are all about the party. They seek power and perks for party elites, and they celebrate the party, rather than the people or the nation. The elites want to anoint puppets they control, and let us pick which puppet we want to see on the screen, while both factions of the single “more-and-bigger-government” ruling party keep bickering over which path into hell and corruption we should take.

The Republican Party is not-conservative, not-successful, becoming SJW, and pissing on the same Americans that created this nation – middle-class working families – while destroying our children’s future with massive debt, regulation, and surveillance, while they loot and destroy our industry to enrich Wall Street and the bankers. They have utterly sold the American people down the river.

The good people of America tried to get the Republican Party’s attention with the Tea Party. The TP was corrupted, co-opted, marginalized, demonized, investigated, audited, and intimidated by the Party apparatchiks, government agencies, and the media. I.e., standard Stalinist / Alinsky tactics. But the economic, social, and political problems that gave rise to the Tea Party still exist.

So in reaction to getting shut down and shut out, the marginalized middle America chose Trump, because we want a nation with jobs, borders, the rule of law (and laws that are limited and knowable!), which both parties are trying to destroy as fast as possible. As the link below says, it’s a giant FU to the DC power-players. Which brings us back to the question at the top: do they really not get it, do they honestly think the next nominee the pissed-on bastard child of the Tea Party will choose will be nicer than Trump even as they keep turning the screws, just because we always play by the rules and go for the noble loss, while we let them do anything to win? Or do they know that who comes next will be much, MUCH worse, and that thought terrifies them, so they are willing to lie, cheat, and steal now, so they can cause so much damage and gain so much power it can’t be undone and they can simply have (effectively) a coup with glowing media coverage before the next civil war?

Trump is the nominee precisely BECAUSE he is not of the party, because the Republican Party consistently fails to deliver on ANYTHING significant. People are getting angry. Many of the Democrats feel cheated on by the DNC for picking Hillary over Bernie. A huge swath of the party base on both side are getting ready to burn it down…. To burn it ALL down. Both parties need a major house-cleaning. And it can be done the easy way, or the hard way. Or the really, really, brutally ugly way.

I know the answer to this, of course: the media big-wigs are coordinating with the DNC and the various government agencies run by Democrat “deep state” supporters in ways that are straight from Pravda and the Soviet Union. But it still makes me wonder how they think the end-game will play out? Have they thought ahead and gamed out “what next” more than a move or two, or are they playing one-dimensional checkers with an attitude but little thought?

Please, for the love of God, let them see the light, catch a clue, have an epiphany, and step back from the precipice. But I suspect that the Stupid Party, and the Evil Party, will do their damnedest to cling to power until the bitter end, by any means necessary. If that is their choice, well….. the end is always bitter with empires finally fail.

On-topic tangent: a magnificent and profane rant on what’s at stake and why you should vote Trump. (Profanity warning, but it is said with style, and feeling).


9 thoughts on “Pushed out the Overton Window

  1. It will pay off. After all Trump will lose. Hillary will win. And the second amendment will die.

    • Or Trump will win. The media has fallen SO far in the tank, people are noticing. A lot of dems, commies, and liberals will not vote in disgust; they are true believers, and they are seeing the matrix of lies the Dems and the MSM are trying to weave. The abandon of middle America are happy to have a candidate tell the truth, speaking truth to power as it were :-), that they will be highly motivated to vote. The only question is what will the margin of fraud be, as there is already significant evidence that there are plans for it on the Dem side, because the dead are reliable Dem voters. Or as I saw linked to elsewhere, Seems Legit. (work-safe image)

  2. The Republicans today are more than happy being the Mensheviks, happy being the minority party with guaranteed safe districts. Just like every politician, Republicans come into office and the first thought is, in the words of Mel Brooks, to “save our phony baloney jobs.” Unfortunately it seems that Republicans’ second thought is to somehow get in the good graces of the cool kids who run everything.

    It’s just easier to get elected and re elected if you can promise free stuff to undeserving greedy voters via their special interest groups.

  3. “Burn it all down.” Considering that history does not repeat itself, but it rhymes, what will an American Reichstag fire look like?

    “Pushed Out the Overton Window.”
    I saw what you did. Metaphorical defenestration.

    • Syria.
      Or a collapsing banking system and stock market.
      Or anyone that they can manage to paint as a right-wing, Christian, Trump-supporting, militia-type committing (or being framed for) an act of terrorism. [if they did it or not, or even if they are an overweight Chinese atheist Democrat who they can report with the above description until after the election]
      Or another dozen women making laughably stupid claims of being groped, raped, or whatever, which the dem-machine controlled media with breathlessly report 24×7 in an attempt to push the female vote 80%+ to Hillary.

      If this is true, then the answer will be syria, but then a HUGE trump win and trail for treason next year.

  4. I, for one, believe that the really, really brutal and ugly way will cleanse the parties, and the country.

  5. I think your assessment is spot on, but for one little nagging detail;

    Trump is a big government, New York Progressive (single-payer nationalized health care, nationalized banks, Bloomberg inspired gun restrictions – the whole nine yards), with the one variation of being “America First” when it comes to foreign policy, which, if we can believe him, makes him a perfect fit for the title, National Socialist.

    Forgive me if I am not enthusiastic about the choice between a Stalin-like communist and a National Socialist. I do want Trump to win, mainly so his supporters, who once fancied themselves tea partiers but no longer give a damn about principles and instead only cling to a vague fantasy of revenge, can be made to eat crow. I would also like Hillary supporters to eat crow, so in this case I’ll get my way no matter who wins. I won’t enjoy it though, because America (as defined by original principles) is fucked either way.

    • Keep in mind, as I pointed out before (and others have, too) that there’s a big difference between intentions and what will actually be delivered.
      You’re talking about intentions, and the picture is fairly bleak for both. Less so with Trump, I think. But in any case, the reality of what each will be able to deliver is very different. Hillary’s communist agenda will be cheered on and pushed by the 90% of the media that favors communism. Trump’s agenda will be fanatically attacked by that same crowd. So Hillary will be able to deliver evil, while Trump, by and large, will not deliver. Therefore the actual outcome will be much better with Trump.
      David Gelernter (a Yale professor, amazingly enough) made the point very well in an WSJ op-ed last week: http://on.wsj.com/2e9YPMf

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