Black Guns Matter at Boomershoot 2017

From Stephanie:BGM2017

Why Black Guns Matter? Because the 2nd Amendment is color blind.

BGM educates people in urban communities on their 2nd Amendment rights and responsibilities through firearms training and education. @blkgunsmattr

From the battlefields of North Philly in battleground state of Pennsylvania, Maj Toure started BGM in hopes that conflicts won’t end with someone getting killed. You see, gun education brings peace.

BGM’s currently fundraising for a 13 city tour to continue informing urban communities – especially youth – about safe and legal firearms knowledge, conflict resolution, and the 2nd Amendment. Next stop on tour: Chicago.

(Ah, Chicago. The city I once called home. The city where, despite hefty gun bans, I dodged bullets from inner-city shooters. Go, Maj!)

>>>>>Right now, go here to donate to Toure’s rightous cause.<<<<<

Shoot alongside Maj and several other BGM members at Boomershoot 2017 by signing up here.

BGM Chicago training is this Saturday, October 8. Share this message to citizens of Chicago and surrounding communities:



1 thought on “Black Guns Matter at Boomershoot 2017

  1. Awesome!

    I would only add that some discussion of the true principles of the founding of this country should be included in these training sessions (it wasn’t all done by old white men, either), for gun rights and guns alone do not make a free society. I don’t believe that this can be over-stated. Liberty, self determination, equal rights endowed by the Creator, non interference from government except in cases of rights violation; all these things are our heritage, black, white or otherwise, and they are being lost in a wave of global Progressivism, power lust and Marxist ideals. Unless these issues are addressed and understood, no amount of guns can save us from ruin.

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