Dumping Twitter

I have been on Twitter since May of 2008. In general I thought it was pretty cool. But recently with the banning and shadow banning of people who were guilty of nothing more serious that “bad think” of something other than progressive dogma while letting other people freely tweet about support for people shooting police it has become time to show my displeasure. It is very clear they are opposed to the freedom I value so much and I’m doing my small part to make them pay a price for that.

I only have 992 followers but in a small sense my content is the product that Twitter sells. I’m going to be tapering off my use of Twitter as I migrate to Gab.ai to reduce the amount of product available to Twitter.

You can view me at Gab.ai at https://gab.ai/JoeHuffman.


7 thoughts on “Dumping Twitter

  1. I have a twitter log in. I never saw the benefit of the platform. It’s pretty much just a way to take swipes at each other for the low attention span person. Can’t see much about GAB without a log in and if I have to sign up to look, I probably won’t waste my time.

  2. I singed up for gab and can’t get in. I filled out the “get me in the line” thing and now nothing. It knows my email because it says that it is taken but I don’t see where to create an account. Either I’m stupid or it is and I can’t figure out which. So, I’m beginning to think it must be me.

    • After you “get in line” you have to wait. They will send you an email with a link in it. Then you can create your account.

  3. Never really saw much point in tweeting, “look at my cool breakfast!” or “I’m standing on the beach!” to large groups of people. I have enough distractions as it is.

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