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Mr Kuntzman my 10 year old daughter shoots her AR-15 often and she has never shown signs of PTSD so I am assuming she is doing it wrong. Could you look at her picture below and please let us know what she is doing wrong? Is her wrist not limp enough? signed frustrated father


Dear Frustrated, the answer is simple. Your daughter does not have what it takes to be a reporter for a big New York City paper.

Larry Correia
June 16, 2016
[This is Larry mocking Gersh Kuntzman who wrote about how terrible the recoil, among other things, is when shooting an AR-15.

Via email from Paul Koning.—Joe]


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  1. That’s great!

    I’m trying to imagine Kuntzman at Boomershoot. Especially since I remember the gentleman next to me during the Friday free fire session shooting an AR-15 and people reminding him it isn’t strong enough to pick off boomers reliably and he really should have something more powerful.

    Kuntzman behind a .308, .300 WinMag or heaven forbid, a .50BMG and we’d need to dig a latrine underneath him. That man has no idea what the term “recoil” means. I also recall not one person at Boomershoot ever complaining about having “too much gun”.

    • Indeed, and if he’d been using a SOCAL one, he might have some faint excuse. But it was just a .223.

      From other sources around this article, it appears he also lied extensively about his “conversation” with a gun store owner. The best available explanation is that the entire article is fiction.

      • Yes, and bad fiction at that. Good fiction is at least sort of believable. Getting scared/bruised by an AR in 223 is a red flag. Heck, my ten-year-old shot one this last weekend, no problem at all. Made a decent group with it. Shot the 12 ga (one-ounce upland game load, IIRC) once and liked it well enough to take another shot. At it wasn’t an evil semi-auto: it was a light break-action single shot. No bruising, big grin. If it’s not total fiction, the author is a disgrace to mankind. Humankind as well.

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